December 06, 2013 - Comments Off on 6 brands who are awesome on Tumblr

6 brands who are awesome on Tumblr

Tumblr is not often a first thought when planning  marketing campaigns and thinking which social channels to use, although depending on your target market – you could be missing out by overlooking this growing platform. According to Search Engine People, only 31 of the top 100 brands are using Tumblr.

Tumblr is in essence a social media feed crossed with a blog, where you can post and customise a range of different mediums; including text, photos, links, audio and video. It also has similar features to Twitter and Facebook, where by you can ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ content from others. Individual profiles can also be customised to reflect the blogger’s / brand’s style and personality.

Back in the day, Tumblr had a stigma of a being a teen environment which hosted a load of naff GIFs. However, due to the diverse and visual nature of Tumblr, it is becoming much more than that, with rich, interesting and engaging content. Currently, 45% of Tumblr’s audience is aged 18-24 with a rough 50/50 split between males and females, so  brands with a younger audience have more opportunity to connect and engage with their followers via this medium.

Tumblr is becoming more popular with other demographics too; and as such, we’re seeing a whole host of differing brands turning to Tumblr as a valued channel for real customer engagement.  The average visit to Tumblr is longer than Twitter or Facebook, and Tumblr has grown 74% in 2013 compared to Twitter and LinkedIn’s 40%.

Here is a selection of brands that are using Tumblr to its potential:

A brand that you would expect to see flourishing on Tumblr, and they do just that. The Topshop Tumblr page gives readers access to Topshop HQ and most impressively, it actively encourages others to submit their photos to be in with the chance of featuring on the Topshop page dressed in their favourite Topshop outfits – with links to the pieces on the shop site. It excels in the promotion of products and self-generating content!

Although ebay sells most things, they have cleverly created an online magazine ‘The Inside Source’ which is tailored to Tumblr’s youthful target market focusing on fashion, design, art and lifestyle. The content is engaging, current and not at all what you expect from the ebay brand – although works very nicely.

Disney Pixar
Considering that Tumblr is a great platform for visual content, it’s no surprise to see leading animation brand Disney Pixar regularly use this medium. Disney Pixar share fantastic film imagery, original drawings, behind the scenes content, insight into animation development and quotes from employees; all the while gently promoting new releases.

Yale University – Undergraduate admissions
Yale University has a few Tumblr accounts – and features something I wish I had access to when researching universities. Yale University has a specific Tumblr page for Undergraduate admissions which showcases great imagery of the University and surrounding areas, posts about the history of the university, insight into university life, university nightlife, quotes from current students and much more. Not a bad thing when 56% of Tumblr visitors have at least some college education.

If someone asked me to guess a brand who are using Tumblr well, Barbour wouldn’t be my first choice. However, surprisingly the British brand are excelling on the channel.  The imagery and illustrations used for their #wildbritain campaign are beautiful. This all sits alongside video giveaways, winter recipes, farm of the month, winter facts and much more.

National Geographic
National Geographic currently have their Tumblr page ‘Found’ whereby they are posting photos from their archives for their 125th anniversary. These photos are completely captivating and you can easily begin to lose time scrolling through page after page – in addition to this, the photos are shared in high volumes.

We’d love to know what you think about Tumblr. Is it a place where brands can have stand out and thrive? Have you experimented with it as a brand? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.