April 21, 2011 - Comments Off on A trip along Memolane

A trip along Memolane

The end of winter has finally arrived and start-ups are springing up like daffodils all around us, each claiming to be the next best thing. It is not often that they actually are, but occasionally one stands out from the rest and resistance is futile; it must be investigated.

Discovering the next best thing

When I was at Social Media World Forum recently it was Memolane that captured my attention and got my brain ticking over straight away about how I could use it. Created by Eric Lagier, Nikolaj Hald Nielsen and Harry Vangberg following a flash of inspiration last April at a Copenhagen start up weekend it is definitely an idea that’s got legs! The powers that be agree; with $2 million in VC funding from Atomico Ventures and August Capital behind them this start up is fast gathering pace.

Encouraging you to ‘See, search and share your life’ Memolane pulls your social media assets together into an attractive timeline of activity spanning right back to when you created each account. Open to beta testers since November, it won best start up in Copenhagen and it was a finalist at this year’s SXSWi category.

Experiencing my memories

Spring is Blooming by @clairehs

Within minutes of creating an account there are photos, tweets and posts galore all populating a single lifeline of activity. Photos I had forgotten were taken and events I can’t remember attending are thrown to the forefront of my mind as I scroll back to the start of the line and dip in and out of it at random.

Integrating last.fm is brilliant for music lovers. I can now look back at exactly how long I’ve been listening to an artist and rediscover songs I’ve not heard in ages. The layout is easy to use and it feels like flicking through a photo album/diary/scrapbook in one; the effect of this obviously being immediate addiction.

Happily it reminds me that being on social networks isn’t just about interactions in the here and now, it is about sharing events, music, opinions that create an online footprint of your personality- an online social memory bank.

Seeing, searching and sharing with Bloom

Enthused as I was about this particular start-up I presented it to Bloom to get the inside scoop from the digital dialogue professionals. The majority were intrigued and could see the scope for recording social media campaigns and tracking our client’s social media activity over time, especially the Memolane Story features. Whereas others felt that it wasn’t good for companies to use, or for personal use either! I set about gathering the differing points of view and here is a collection of Bloom’s initial opinions on Memolane;

‘I’ve had a play around with it; I’m yet to be convinced for personal use. It may have potential for companies…’ Stu Turner, Account Manager

‘I think it has massive potential for personal use (even if fully private) : Imagine going on the holiday of a lifetime and being able to make a timeline of all your social status updates, photos, videos and even songs you’ve scrobbled : brilliant and probably the first good use I’ve seen for FourSquare too! I will be using this !!! Richard, IT Manager

‘It’s not something you’d use every day but it is awesome.. it has obvious use for us in presenting a clients’ engagement/social activity in a time line which is a great way to visualise it..’ Alex Craven, MD

‘All I’m saying is, much as I love my friends, I don’t want to sit through their life story in social media updates retrospectively. I have literally never wondered ‘What was friend X saying on Facebook on April 1st 2007?’ For Clients though, that is obviously useful because people do want (and need) to see that information.’ Stu Turner, Account Manager

‘People still take photos, tweet, post to Facebook and share via social media whilst abroad and whilst on a round the world trip etc. are particularly likely to. This would be a lovely way to pull it all together so you have a permanent record of that for future posterity..’ Alex Craven, MD

‘Personally I’d never use it but I can see how it could really take off . Let’s be honest – people love talking about themselves, telling others what they’re up to and where they are, and Memolane takes these opportunities to the next level. If it wasn’t for the sharing side of it, it would never work.’ Sara Galbiati, Search Consultant

From the differing points of view from within the Company it is clear that Memolane is going to be a talking point here for plenty of time to come. I’d be interested to hear about your experiences of the new timeline- have you tried it and would you see yourself using it regularly?

We’ll be seeing, searching and sharing on the lane (memolane.com/bloommedia) and please feel free to share your thoughts below.