Always discovering

Standing still makes us twitchy. It’s our nature to drive ourselves and the brands we work with forward.

For us, seizing what’s next and making it work for you isn’t a single task, it’s an evolutionary journey.

We believe the next fundamental shift in marketing is Artificial Intelligence. It will inevitably impact all our businesses, and it’s already changing ours. Today, we’re applying AI to paid media and our teams are beginning to feel its impact rippling through other marketing channels.

Right now, we’re standing on the edge of AI basecamp. Ready to embark on the kind of evolutionary journey that businesses encountered in the 90’s when the shift to digital marketing revolutionised our thinking. It was a time when we were persuading businesses about the importance of creating a website. Brave brands, the pioneers ‘got-it’, embraced it and thrived. Others didn’t. And disappeared.

 We’re looking for clients who want to come on this journey with us. Where AI informs strategies with more accuracy and delivers better results than ever before. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we’re discovering more every day.

If you’re looking to innovate, evolve and let’s face it, beat the competition,
we’re the agency to get you there.

You only get the gig at Bloom if you’re great at your job, you’re nice to work with and share our philosophy.

Say hello to some of our team below. But don’t go thinking that’s it – they’re just the tip of the iceberg. There’s another 40 talented people at Bloom who love doing great work for great clients.

James Bell
Development Manager

Alex Fisher
Digital Marketing Manager

Lee Fairclough
Senior Designer

Amy Tootell
Marketing & New Business Manager

Lyns Cameron
Head of Client Services

Kelly Weston
Delivery Partner

Matt Kerridge
Operations Director

Dave Wood
Managing Director

Neil Lockwood
Director Creative & Strategy

Emma Dickinson
Finance Director

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