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Bloom is the marketing agency where Artificial Intelligence meets human creativity.

Discovery runs deep at Bloom. From day one, our sense of curiosity fuelled our desire to find new ways of helping brands stand out. Informed insights are behind our relentless drive to out-think, out-perform and out-deliver with arresting creativity.

For us, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next fundamental shift in marketing. That’s what’s led us to explore the endless possibilities that exist when we combine technology with natural creative talent. Where computers can make sense of data quicker and more cost-effectively than humans, we let them. This frees our people to do what only they can do – use their human instincts, judgement, and experience to create amazing work for brands.

 It’s a brave approach that sees two halves, working seamlessly together as a whole. AI continually presents even more insights that shape our marketing strategies. When put together with genuine creativity, we deliver better results with greater accuracy than ever before.

 If you’re a pioneer, looking to innovate, evolve and let’s face it, beat the competition, why not start a journey with us?

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You only get the gig at Bloom if you’re great at your job, you’re nice to work with and share our philosophy.

Say hello to some of our team below. But don’t go thinking that’s it – they’re just the tip of the iceberg. There’s another 40 talented people at Bloom who love doing great work for great clients.

James Bell
Development Manager

Alex Fisher
Digital Marketing Manager

Lee Fairclough
Senior Designer

Amy Tootell
Marketing & New Business Manager

Lyns Cameron
Head of Client Services

Kelly Weston
Delivery Partner

Matt Kerridge
Operations Director

Alex Craven
Managing Director

Dave Wood
Commercial Director

Neil Lockwood
Director Creative & Strategy

Emma Dickinson
Finance Director

The marketing agency where Artificial Intelligence meets human creativity

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