January 31, 2014 - Comments Off on Bloom to discuss the potential of the second screen at European summit

Bloom to discuss the potential of the second screen at European summit

Having just spoken in China, our very own CEO Alex Craven is jetting off to Barcelona at the end of February (26th to be exact) to speak about the advertising potential of ‘second screening’ – the screens of our mobile phones and tablets that we use while watching television.

Have you ever tweeted about a programme you’ve been watching? Maybe you’ve checked some stats on a sports app while also keeping an eye on the live action. Perhaps you’ve been redirected by a presenter or commentator to ‘discover more’ about the show on their website or app.

Second screening is a trend that’s got the mobile and digital world excited, since it presents businesses with the opportunity to create new revenue streams. The event, which has been organised by the 2nd Screen Society, is coming to Europe on the back of a successful event held in Las Vegas.

Alex will be part of a prestigious panel of industry experts talking about some of the successful ways in which second screening has already been used in Europe. He’ll also focus on analytics and insight derived from social data, and look at where businesses can go next in the quest to make the most of this growing consumer trend.

Our lifestyles are becoming more mobile by the day – and this behaviour is giving our industry a whole new set of opportunities and challenges. From the creation and distribution of content, through to the access and discovery – it’s becoming much more digitally focused.

‘On the move’ conducting of everyday tasks is more popular than ever before. Both agencies and brands alike need to move with these changes to make the most of this potential.

We’ll bring you all the details from the event when Alex returns!