March 31, 2017 - Comments Off on Always Discovering

Always Discovering

On Friday 24th March, Bloom set off on a year-long journey to develop every member of our team in a way that’ll improve performance and efficiency, and further celebrate the power of discovery. Our new Discovery Journey – which centres around every employee’s own personal Discovery Pack, along with a shared learning space at the heart of the agency – is proof of our dedication to discovery and team development.

A brand is the embodiment and an expression of a business. It can comprise of a visual and verbal language and a positioning that tells a story. Everything from the company name to the way it presents its products and services reflects the brand.

But the purpose and impact of a brand goes much deeper than just the superficial, and the best brands run through every touch point and activity within a company. A brand can also be the perfect vehicle to engage people power to drive things forward and deliver business goals. In a business that’s focused around people, that’s important!

Change and discovery are a big part of the Bloom brand. This empowers us to be brave and makes for an exciting and energetic place to work. It drives us to learn about new science, technologies and embrace new thinking. Every Bloomer understands that innovation and strategic thinking are fuel to our fire, so it stands to reason we’re curious people always looking for inspiration, fresh perspectives and new influences.

The Bloom Discovery Journey brings all these elements together and is aimed at helping each member of the team achieve their personal best. At its most basic, it’s an induction document, designed to give the reader information about the team, processes and culture of the agency. But it is also our road-map for achieving business goals.

Our learning space shows the commitment to the team to support their growth and learning, ensuring that each person has the opportunity to take up the training on offer and get the most out of it through a functional development programme.

On launching the Discovery pack and learning space, Director Jules Caton said “The most effective employee or brand engagement is genuine, straightforward and connects with true feelings and the beliefs of employees. Learning is a valuable gift. An effective way to build teams and to reward people.”

This training programme launch follows the big Bloom Discovery Day. This was a team building day that cemented our values and feelings of collaboration through a mixture of events including the launch of our first Bloom Newspaper, a treasure hunt through Leeds, Mr Bingo inspiring us in his own unique way, and a visit to see some of our creative work in person at the Victoria Gate Casino. We will update you on all of that soon…