April 23, 2015 - Comments Off on Apple Watch: yes or no? Here’s what the Bloom office said

Apple Watch: yes or no? Here’s what the Bloom office said

It was described as “the most advanced timepiece ever created” by Apple’s chief exec Tim Cook. Naturally there’s been a lot of interest in the Apple Watch, which launched today. But will it take off? I guess you could say that only time will tell…

Interest in the Apple Watch has been high, although it’s difficult to tell whether that’s due to it being a genuinely useful addition to our lives, or just because it’s Apple.

Once we’ve discussed its style, features and price, we’ll probably think about whether we need one. Wearable technology was the vision of the future – so we thought (or so we were told). Well, that future is now, and the Google Glass prototype has already been consigned to the history bin. It worked in theory, but not in practice. It seems Google are still determined to make it work, though.

So is there a true demand for the Apple Watch? Do we want everything we could ever need on our wrist? I decided to ask around the Bloom office to gauge how many of us would buy one.

The results
In this admittedly limited and extremely non-scientific experiment, I discovered that for every one person who said they would buy one, six said they wouldn’t.

Let’s start with the minority – here are the reasons from the ‘yes’ camp:

  • I can see the value of not having to get my phone out every time I need to know something.
  • I’m tech mad, so if there’s something new out there to try, I’m going to want to try it.
  • I like to have the latest things. I like to be cool. (We’re a modest bunch, clearly.)

I don’t want an Apple Watch, but that’s just my opinion. I must admit, I underestimated just how many people didn’t want one – and Hannah Jane Parkinson at The Guardian says you’ll be branded a tool if you do buy one.

Here are the reasons from the ‘no’ camp:

  • I don’t need it.
  • I don’t know what it’d allow me to do that I can’t already do with my phone.
  • I prefer classic watches – there’d be no room on my wrist for an Apple Watch!
  • I don’t like the look of it, and I definitely don’t like the price.
  • I already own a load of Apple products and between them they all do more than this watch.
  • It’s an unnecessary product. And I don’t want my data to be tracked and used.
  • It’s taking technology too far. It’s too small and fiddly.
  • I could go on holiday for the price of that watch!


In summary, then
The majority of us feel that the Apple Watch is too expensive. We remain unsure about its necessity, and those of us who are happy to get our information from our phone are in no rush to change.

But if you’re an Apple advocate, and you just can’t get enough of new technology to play with, then you may struggle to resist the Apple Watch.

Perhaps we’re just slow to adapt. The Apple Watch isn’t as intrusive or as dominating as Google Glass, so maybe Apple have got this one right. Perhaps the majority of us will wait until we need a new phone, or until the inevitable bugs and glitches in the early versions of the software are ironed out, before we give it some serious consideration.

So it might take us a little while longer to latch on as we struggle, in the short term at least, to justify the leap.