January 19, 2018 - Comments Off on What do marketers really know about Artificial Intelligence?

What do marketers really know about Artificial Intelligence?

We have conducted a study to explore what marketers understand about AI, and more importantly, how they think it will impact the industry. The results shine a light on who will win and who will lose out.

Take a look at our infographic to see an overview of the findings and click here to access the full report.

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January 05, 2018 - Comments Off on Pioneering the new age of marketing

Pioneering the new age of marketing

There’s a new era of marketing on the horizon, and we’re ready to lead the way. As an agency with discovery at the core, we embrace change in a fast-moving technological world. So much so, we’ve been hard at work developing a new and exciting way to articulate the future of Bloom:

Welcome to the marketing agency where Artificial Intelligence meets human creativity.

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July 11, 2017 - Comments Off on Bingo in the house

Bingo in the house

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear Mr Bingo talk about his work and his career – and you found yourself uninspired by the experience – then a life in a creative agency clearly isn’t for you.

That’s one thing our recent Bloom Discovery Day told us. In fact, the day told us a lot about ourselves and each other. Read more

March 31, 2017 - Comments Off on Always Discovering

Always Discovering

On Friday 24th March, Bloom set off on a year-long journey to develop every member of our team in a way that’ll improve performance and efficiency, and further celebrate the power of discovery. Our new Discovery Journey – which centres around every employee’s own personal Discovery Pack, along with a shared learning space at the heart of the agency – is proof of our dedication to discovery and team development.

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November 11, 2016 - Comments Off on Getting hands-on with the HTC Vive

Getting hands-on with the HTC Vive

Last Friday we started our weekend in style – we had a HTC Vive VR system in the office the entire day for the team to test and try out. Now a part of Jaywing, one of the great things we get to be involved with is their focus on research and development. Read more

September 28, 2016 - Comments Off on Stories in sign

Stories in sign

Inclusive is a word we use a lot in advertising, we want to make sure what we’re creating reaches and resonates with as many people as possible. But even in 2016, certain communities are overlooked and poorly represented. One of these is the deaf community. Read more

February 24, 2016 - Comments Off on What’s all the fuss about Brave browser?

What’s all the fuss about Brave browser?

A new browser has emerged into the digital world and has slowly been picking up quite a bit of attention. It’s generally quite hard for new browsers to make a noticeable impact online due to the popularity of rivals like; Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera to name a few.

There are two main selling points that come with Brave: the first is speed, and second is the ability to block advertisements on any website you visit. Whilst this is nothing new, it still raises quite a few interesting questions.

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February 19, 2016 - Comments Off on Bloom Reacts – Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s Open Letter to the DoD

Bloom Reacts – Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s Open Letter to the DoD

It happens to every organisation, a piece of news breaks that gets everyone in the office talking. Here at Bloom we have a lively culture of debate when it comes to breaking news, and we love having a good natter about what’s going on in the world. Bloom Reacts is a semi-regular piece on our team’s reaction to goings on in digital and tech.

So this week, Tim Cook spoke out in an impassioned letter about the recent moves that the US Department of Defence have been making to open “back doors”: Known security vulnerabilities in software/hardware that allows investigators to access devices, and that have a habit of being found by naughty folks and hackers – in Apple’s iOS platform; And Apple, being a reasonably user-friendly company, have said no!

To add to this breaking news, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO has backed Apple in their stance on the issue.

We’ve had some great reactions to this news here at Bloom, and here are some of our favourites:


“Interestingly, had the terrorist had a more modern iPhone, they could potentially have used their dead fingerprints to unlock the phone using touchID, which opens up another security debate.”

Jim Moran, Head of Planning


“This is all part of a much bigger issue that could be essentially one of the most important tech cases we’ve ever seen. […] Hopefully this provides some momentum to prevent similar issues here in the UK such as the poorly conceived Snoopers Charter. “

Joe Corby, Web Developer


“I admire the stance that Apple are taking on this matter and I feel it’s the correct one but unfortunately I think it’s just a matter of time before they will back down.”

James Bell, Development Manager


“A ban on encryption will last as long as it takes for a few key cabinet Senate members to have their iCloud accounts broken into..”

Josh Finch, Systems Administrator – He also wrote this post and is also a legend


“I’ve seen Enemy Of The State, I’m not saying anything.”

Joe Mason, Creative Director

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