October 01, 2014 - Comments Off on Bloom and ITV nominated for UK Social Media Award

Bloom and ITV nominated for UK Social Media Award

The data that comes from people who use social media while watching TV holds a lot of value for advertisers. Using our social intelligence tool and some unique measurement techniques, we discovered that – with the right strategy – brands can use ad breaks to increase their return on investment. And our work on this with ITV has seen us nominated for a prestigious award.

The UK Social Media Awards celebrate the very best in UK social media communications and reward the individuals, companies and organisations who are using online platforms to communicate in fresh and innovative ways.

Bloom and ITV have been nominated for the Best Use of Research and Evaluation, with the result to be announced on Thursday 23rd October in Manchester.

Why our research and evaluation is up for the award

Earlier this year ITV approached us with a challenge. They wanted to test whether treating an advert break as an extension of the entertainment could deliver a better experience for the audience and a higher ROI for the advertisers.

They also wanted to discover if five complementary brands working together under one creative treatment would deliver tangible benefits.

In February, during an episode of Dancing on Ice, one of the ad breaks was given a Lego makeover to promote the Lego Movie. This naturally caused a stir on social media, and we were watching, listening and capturing everything using our unique social monitoring tool Whisper.

Using a total of 798,215 tweets and some innovative calculation methods we were able to show that four of the five brands benefited from the campaign and achieved an increase in ROI.

Not only that, we calculated that the discussion around this particular ad break increased by a massive 829% compared to other ad breaks, which proves that adverts should be treated as part of the entertainment.

Researching social data in this unique way enabled us to measure ROI more precisely than ever before – which is why we’re proud to be announced as finalists for the UK Social Media Awards.