November 22, 2013 - Comments Off on Bloom attend Google Partners launch

Bloom attend Google Partners launch

Yesterday Google launched their new Google Partner program in the UK and Bloom were invited to the an event in London to hear from the horse’s mouth what updates the search engine giant has in store for both supporting agencies and those agencies’ clients.

Held at MC Motors in North London, the venue was surprisingly discreet for a Google event. From the outside looked like an old cinema façade! Once inside we were greeted with flapjacks, millionaire shortbread, a coffee motorbike stand and a counter that was clearly primed for pulled pork later on. As you probably know by now, the way to  a Bloomer’s heart is through their stomach, so it was already a winning event in our eyes!

Replacing the Google Engage and Adwords Certification Program, the Google Partner program is a central resource for agencies to keep abreast of the latest developments with Google ensuring that we, as an agency, continue to remain on the leading edge of all things Search Engine Marketing. Online marketing agencies who pass the exams and qualify for the accreditation will be proud owners of the Google Partners badge.

The two top Googlers for the evening were Mark Howe, Managing Director of Agency Operations, and Tim Frank, Head of Google Partners. Mark began the evening by sharing some interesting digital marketing stats. One which stood out was that UK online ads have grown from £1bn to £6bn in 7 years, showing just how huge this business is – in fact, the biggest in Europe!

This was followed by a full introduction to the Partner programme from Nick, who had flown in especially – the glamour! His big announcement was that the inception of Google Partners had culled 65% of previous Adwords certified agencies as they failed to ‘make the grade’, making Google Partners much more authoritative and meaningful to SMEs.

The Google Partners Dashboard will now feature a whole host of training and support documentation, ensuring as a Google Partner you are always up to date and have as much useful data and information as possible.

Once the talks had finished, off we went back into the food and drink area. Due to luck or skill, Matt and I were the first people at the bar, ready for the gin tasting – yes, gin tasting!

Gin seemed to be the flavour of the night, along with endless canapés, pulled pork and a meze platter. Suitably stuffed, and gin in hand, we ventured over to the ‘games area’. Let’s just say, I was robbed, robbed I tell you, of a free Nexus 7 as my score was deemed ‘unbelievable’ (a long story) – however for a short time, I did sit pretty at no.1.

 All in all, Google Partners is a clear statement from Google that they understand that the previous Adwords certification and documentation was too disseminated and didn’t have a central focus. After logging in today and having a nosey – it’s very clear that Google Partners will take paid advertising to the next level for agencies. We’re well on our way to becoming Google Partners – just a few more exams to sit – and we can’t wait to have a shiny new badge to our name!