October 18, 2013 - Comments Off on Bloom gets an insight into the blogging World

Bloom gets an insight into the blogging World

On Wednesday 16th October Claudia Dalton, Alex Fisher and Emir Paratusic from our digital marketing team attended the Blog North Awards in Manchester to continue their exploration of the blogging world.

The annual event celebrates the best of Northern England’s independent publishing and aims to bring some of the great writing published online to a wider audience.

We arrived with the aim of continuing our approach of getting an insight into what goes on at blogger events, and also to interact with bloggers face to face. We enjoy speaking to bloggers first-hand. This way we can understand their perception of our industry to see how we can continue to adjust our methods in line with the industry and how we can work with bloggers in the most effective way for our clients.

The evening was both helpful to understand our industry from a blogger’s perspective but also fun and entertaining. We got the chance to see some readings by bloggers who had been shortlisted, which left us with a mixture of emotions from being in stitches at Thom’s reading from ‘Thom writes about love songs’ to being very moved by Len Grant’s extract from ‘Life without papers’.

The event was a success for the organisers, as everyone seemed to have a great time, and also for us as we were able to speak to bloggers and gain a real understanding of who they are and what blogging is to them.

Afterwards we decided to use our in-house social media planning tool, Whisper, to get some insight into the conversations around the blogger event to see which people had the most influence on Twitter compared to their involvement. Was it nominees, winners, organisers or supporters?

Whisper uses social data to identify which accounts have the most influence around a topic, however it may not necessarily be who talks about it the most. This specific analysis saw 454 tweets posted, between 16th October at 2pm and 18th October at 12am, either using one of the hashtags ‘#blognorth13’, ‘#blognorth2013’, ‘#blogawards2013’, the link ‘blognorthawards.com’, the phrase ‘Blog North Awards’ or tweets to or from @blognorth.

The discussion around the awards was found to be very active and the top 10 most influential people were found to be a mixture of event organisers, winners, nominees and supporters. All in all we had a great time and would like to thank everyone who was involved in the evening from start to finish.

Top 10 influencers involved in the conversation around the Blog North Awards 2013:

  1. @blognorth
  2. @culturevultures
  3. @heyebony
  4. @Len_Grant
  5. @NeallM
  6. @creativetourist
  7. @mcrfoodies
  8. @Without_Papers
  9. @rachmotormouth
  10. @phf_uk