December 10, 2012 - Comments Off on Bloom teams up with the University of Leeds to improve efficiency

Bloom teams up with the University of Leeds to improve efficiency

Our brilliant insight team love to nothing more than to use the systems and tools that we’ve developed in-house to help organisations get the most out of the data they hold.  That’s why, when the University of Leeds approached us to help them improve efficiency as part of their Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange, we jumped at the chance.

As a component of the Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange, Bloom was invited to join the Leeds Creative Lab project. The aims of the Lab are to find new and innovative ways to interrogate data and showcase academic research; increase understanding of how technology might impact research; spark collaborations between academics and those working with digital technology; and create digital prototypes using research data. You can follow the Lab project on their blog.

We used innovative processes developed from work in social media analytics to plan how an international network of translators could work together in the most efficient way. The processes map the flow of information.

Using the systems and tools that we’ve developed with the University of Reading and Strathclyde, we were able to quickly map and identify a range of factors that can drive efficiency across a global team. By considering relationships within networks of translators, we were able to calculate which individuals and/or particular roles within a team were the most influential at any given time. We were then able to correlate the success of projects with these influence patterns to create a ‘fingerprint’ of a successful project. These ‘fingerprints’ can ultimately be used to improve future work-flow processes and predict the success of future projects.

We believe this is the first time that social media analytics has been applied to business process in this way.  As Peter Laflin, our head of data insight points out, “social media and data teams will be increasingly influential as the much muted social organisation becomes the norm for business.”We’re exceptionally proud to have played a part in the University of Leeds’ Cultural and Creative Industry Exchange and we hope this will pave the way for successful future collaborations with the University.