March 06, 2014 - Comments Off on Bloom's unique Give a Gift project raises £591 for charity

Bloom's unique Give a Gift project raises £591 for charity

For a long time now it’s been an agency tradition to send their clients a gift at Christmas to say thank you for their business throughout the year. However, here at Bloom, we decided to rethink that tradition – and together with our clients we managed to raise £591 for charities across the UK.

The problem with a giving a traditional gift, like a box of chocolates, is that doesn’t make it all around the business. Rather than a gift that only a select few could enjoy, we wanted to give something that would make more of a difference.

It was time to reconsider what we gave, who we gave it to, and how we gave it.

We couldn’t help but notice that, as we grow older, we get more pleasure from giving gifts than we do receiving them. So we had this amazing thought – why not give our clients the gift of giving?

They could be given a card and an amount of money we’d otherwise spend on their gift, and they could donate it to a charity that was close to their hearts.

We would be happy, the clients would be happy, and, more importantly, the charities would be happy. The Give a Gift project was born.

So our teams got busy designing the cards – each containing a unique code that our clients could use on a website we’d built specially to reveal an amount they could donate to a charity of their choice.

Charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society, the British Heart Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Support, Oxfam, Victim Support and the NSPCC all received their kind donations, which will go towards improving the lives of people they support and care for.

We’ve had a fantastic response to the project from the charities and clients alike, and it’s something we’ll be looking to do again for Christmas 2014 to spread the feel-good factor even further.