August 30, 2013 - Comments Off on Earned Media Executive Claudia finds integrated approach a breath of fresh air

Earned Media Executive Claudia finds integrated approach a breath of fresh air

Hello I’m Claudia, one of the new Bloomers! I’ve recently graduated from Newcastle University and now I’m an Earned Media Executive at Bloom.

Before I tell you more about what I do at Bloom, I’ll tell you a bit about my background. While I was studying English Language up in the ‘Toon’ I was told to do as much work experience as I could – so that’s exactly what I did!

I knew it was the only real way to get a good understanding of the PR and media industry and I needed to make sure it was something I actually wanted to do! I did three placements at agencies, two in Leeds and one in Manchester, and one placement in London with the Debenhams in-house PR team. I loved them all and it was great to travel to other cities. During my experience I worked on both B2C and B2B accounts and wrote press releases, blog posts, controlled clients’ social media accounts, was shown the best way to sell in stories and much more.

It’s been a bit of a culture shock leaving internships, lectures, pyjamas and partying behind for the world of full-time work, but it’s been wonderful to join such an active and forward-thinking industry.  In my role as Earned Media Executive at Bloom, it’s my job to always keep an eye out for the next big opportunity for our clients. I’m responsible for building and maintaining a positive reputation for our clients without paying for advertising – essentially ‘earning’ coverage for a client through my work.

After a month at Bloom I can happily say that I did choose the right industry. I love how the work is always changing and I’ve enjoyed working on a range of clients. My work experience definitely helped me but I’m learning so many new things at Bloom – it’s all very exciting! It’s been great to come to work at an integrated agency and see how it’s possible to incorporate a lot of different services into a single project.

During my previous experience I have mainly carried out traditional PR work whereas at Bloom it’s great that there’s a much more integrated approach. I have been working in collaboration with the Digital Marketing, Search and Social teams and have been learning all about what they do. I’ve had a LOT of questions, but everyone has been really helpful and they have taken the time to introduce me to a lot of new software.

I have been made to feel at home since day one. I had always heard that Bloom was a great company to work for as they did a lot of fantastic work for their clients, everyone was friendly and employees were well looked after – what more could you ask for! Bloom are also always following (and even bucking) the current trends of the industry and change their approach accordingly. A lot of time and effort is put into each client. It’s wonderful to be welcomed as a member of the team and be a part of Bloom’s future.