January 13, 2012 - Comments Off on Google+ and why we have helped our SEO to SEE

Google+ and why we have helped our SEO to SEE

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the developments at Google and in particular the positioning of Google+ in relation to the organic search algorithm. It’s not a revelation to SEO teams that social signals are an increasingly important part of the ranking factors affecting your positions within the organic search results, but the announcement by Google this week could be a game changer.

Bloom has been providing SEO services since 2000 and Social Media marketing since 2006 and we can only see the closer integration as a good thing, why?

1.    The rise of the importance of social signals means that those who rely heavily on link acquisition for rankings will see diminishing returns
2.    Building ‘social links’ is a more creative and we would argue far more enjoyable endeavour than many ‘traditional’ link building techniques
3.    A greater reliance upon an honest link/signals profile driven by effective brand communications and consumer sentiment should result in more relevant search results

In the last ¼ of 2011 we got our various teams together to debate the impact of this trend and a new concept evolved which we have called Search Engine Engagement or S.E.E. We think the future is social and effective SEO needs to properly incorporate social media marketing. We’re not talking about lip service but properly managed strategic campaigns that are valuable in their own right; the SEO benefit is just one way of measuring the ROI. On the flip side effective SEO will increasingly need effective social media campaigns to deliver great results.

The final piece of the puzzle for us comes in the form of social media analytics and we’re very excited about a project we are working on with grant support from the Technology Strategy Board.. more on this to be announced in the summer.

If you’re not feeling quite up to speed on Google+ I’ve listed some good references below.. if you’d like to know anything else drop me a line.

Google Information:  Create your Google Plus Brand Page,  Google Pages Connect

Adweek’s take on it

Mashable’s take on the launch of brand pages.

Influence: Klout have updated recently to include Google+ and other social networks to deliver a more accurate online influence footprint.

For an example of of a Klout person page here is our Social Media Manager’s Klout profile@clairehs based on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube

Here is Bloom Agency’s Google Plus brand page