February 10, 2014 - Comments Off on Google Now arrives on desktops!

Google Now arrives on desktops!

For those of you who don’t know, Google Now is a Mobile Personal Assistant that provides users with helpful information throughout your day – like the weather, flights, sports news and event reminders – before you can even ask. And what was once a thing of mobile devices and tablets has now arrived on our desktops.

So what exactly does it do? If you’re waiting for a parcel, Google Now will track it and tell you exactly where it is. If you’re jetting across the globe, Google Now will tell you about flight times and delays – and if you’re going to a concert, Google Now can help you get there hassle free.

A great example of it being used in action is when I went to see The Weeknd play at Manchester Academy. Google Now told me exactly when to set off from Leeds; it used its navigation software to help me beat the traffic (and get me to the venue on time) – and then I showed my e-ticket through Google Now to get me into the concert.

Google Now is a competitor to iOS and Siri. However, the latest version of Google Chrome has made it possible to use on desktops, which has opened it up to a much wider market. It’s really simple to set up – all you need to do is sign in to Google Chrome with the same Google Account you use for Google Now on Android or iOS.

This is a great sign that Google are positioning themselves at the forefront of technology, as they are moving into a situation where ‘touchless search’ is available on both desktop and mobile devices. This ties in well with the hummingbird update, which changed the way Google understood search queries – moving from keyword orientation to conversational search.

Google Now has yet to become mainstream, and its use on desktops is still in the testing stages, but by incorporating high-tech software and services it has given it the basis to become the next big product Google offers!