October 21, 2014 - Comments Off on Google Penguin 3.0 is rolling out – could you be affected?

Google Penguin 3.0 is rolling out – could you be affected?

On Friday 17th October Google released Penguin 3.0 – the first update in over a year to their algorithm that’s designed to identify link building practices that contravene their Google Webmaster Guidelines. The metrics that Google uses to penalise websites with ‘bad links’ are believed to have changed too – along with the thresholds for which bad links to other sites are tolerated.

Regardless of whether or not a website has been penalised yet for attempting to manipulate Google through tactics it doesn’t approve, webmasters continue to risk penalties that could cause significant harm to their visibility in Google – and significant negative impact on their business.

This Google update is just the latest in their continued efforts to penalise spam and make sure their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) provide users with the best, most relevant results.

Webmasters should spend their time creating great content and great sites rather than trying to reverse engineer Google’s algorithms. They should focus on establishing long term sustainable search engine visibility using methods that sit within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Just a word of caution, though: if the Penguin 3.0 algorithm hasn’t resulted in any loss of organic traffic, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be safe from future Google updates.

The last Penguin update was in October 2013 – just over a year ago – but it’s been suggested that following this algorithm update the new system will allow for regular refreshes, and further iterations of this algorithm, to be rolled out more frequently.

Google has taken great steps over the last two years to combat manipulative SEO techniques, and this latest Penguin update is another welcome step in making the Google SERPs more relevant for all of us.

While none of us know the true extent of the changes Google has made with this latest update, one thing is for certain: more algorithm updates will continue to follow.

If you have any concerns over the links to your website following the release of Penguin 3.0, please let us know.