March 26, 2012 - Comments Off on Hear what it takes to work in search and analysis

Hear what it takes to work in search and analysis

This Wednesday Bloom will be holding an open talk at Old Broadcasting House hosted by nti Leeds.

Two parts of Bloom will represent at the event: the search team and the analysis folk. The guys will talk about what an agency is, what their jobs are, their role in the agency, and the work they do for clients, highlighting the skills they use on a daily basis and the skills needed in their teams. Throughout we want the audience to think about their skills and knowledge – and if they are “transferable” to a career in analysis or search. We want you to think about a career that isn’t obvious, but is potentially more exciting than many more out there.

Why? We’re strong believers in nurturing talented intelligent people by giving them opportunities – and to many people analysis or search aren’t the sort of career people prepare themselves for with their education.

We will also talk about what we look for when employing someone. We receive lots (and we do mean LOTS) of emails and CVs every week, and we’ll discuss what catches our eye – you could learn what could make you stand out!

The careers available for the modern day student are somewhat different from when most of us presenting started out.

When I left university in 1998 I “fell” into the digital industry, answering an ad for a web developer on the Leeds-based Sporting Life website. I got the job – through the skills I learnt in my evenings at university from an intrepid interest in the internet! Since then throughout my career other skills and approaches I learnt during my days in education have helped me develop and get where I am today. I love to continue to learn every day – and in the digital sector there’s always something new to learn, and always an opportunity to discover something new!

We see this evening as a fantastic opportunity for Bloom to meet brilliant people who could fill a couple of placement spaces we have at the agency – but also we see it as an opportunity to meet brilliant people who want to come and work for us permanently!

The event, which is free, starts at 6pm on Wednesday 28 March 2012, at Old Broadcasting House. For full detail on Wednesday’s event click here for the Eventbrite page.