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Success in marketing begins with understanding

The best work, and the strongest client relationships, happen when everyone involved understands what they’re doing and why. And when that’s underpinned by a shared process, the results are a beautiful thing. Finding a method that makes this possible is easier said than done, but with AgencyAgile, we’ve cracked it.


Real success is roadmapped

AgencyAgile is the collective behind a collaborative new method of working, where the group owns every step of the process, from scoping to execution. It’s now our weapon of choice for accurately and efficiently defining a project, then delivering it.

Every individual and discipline involved in a project plays their part, as does the client and any other key stakeholders. With a facilitator ensuring everyone stays focused and the dialogue is open, the whole group physically builds the project scope on a wall, using coloured cards. Blue cards are for the project deliverables, yellow cards are used to identify ‘success criteria’ and pink cards are for risks or issues. These are then grouped into ‘epics’ using green cards and estimated by the people responsible for delivering the work. Once everyone has their head around this simple key, the sessions flow quickly and organically – and the visual map of the project is built before their eyes. 

Plan slow to work fast

What makes this process so effective is its simplicity. There are no gimmicks, no software to get bogged down with, no screens, no devices, no talking over each other, no hierarchy, no room for egos – just people coming together to talk projects through, and mapping out what success looks like. And when all parties are involved from the beginning, there are no surprises either. Spending the time roadmapping a project at the outset gets everyone up to speed at the same time, with the sessions only moving as fast as the slowest person. Scope-creep is a thing of the past, as is confusion over what we’re trying to achieve. And regardless of where they started from, everyone ends the process on the same page.

This is true collaboration that leads to crystal clarity.
We think it’s the only way to work.

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