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Influence is defined as ‘the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something.’

In the context of social media, the idea of influence has come a long way. In the past it was celebrities that had all the power – they were the ones we listened to. But social has given everyone a voice and some of them are more powerful than you may realise.

In today’s marketing landscape, for your brand to gain maximum impact the key is identifying who’s influencing your audience – those individuals who can amplify your brand message and help you reach boundless new audiences. With Whisper Influencer Marketing we can uncover with pin-point accuracy those connecting communities and who can extend the reach of your content further.

Developed in conjunction with Professor Grindrod of Oxford University, Whisper has changed the way we define influence. It uses a unique mathematical algorithm to let us see social media data in an entirely new way. It’s the world’s first algorithm that can accurately score ‘true influence’, not just count followers. This sets it apart from every other social media tool on the market.

The above diagram is a data visualisation of a particular conversation on Twitter. Each dot represents a separate Twitter account, with the lines representing information that’s passed from one user to another. When a Twitter account has lots of people engaging with its content they form a cluster. Analysing how these clusters are connected lets us identify the true influencers in a conversation. These are the people your brand needs to target. A closer look can even tell us the kind of content that’s most effective, engaging and shareable for your brand.

Brands like Sky Sports, Virgin Atlantic and ITV’s The X Factor have all discovered the power of Whisper Influencer Marketing. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in our case study below. 

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