March 24, 2009 - Comments Off on IT v Marketing

IT v Marketing

Convergence is with us as technology takes us into a new era and the Internet starts to make its mark. This sets a real challenge for business as we need to quickly adapt to the new techniques and technologies for establishing market position, building brand and image, maximising RoI and making better informed decisions.

One of the potential ‘battle grounds’ is that between IT and Marketing departments. As a business advisor, I often see it reflected in client organisations. As Chairman at Bloom, I have been fortunate to have been educated on the power of a professional website and effective internet marketing. Instead of becoming contentious, as in silo organisations it can easily become, co-operation and cross-polination needs to be the way forward. I would suggest that power based cultures are disruptive anyway; so change should be for the better. However, some of the responsibility for this evolution also rests with the Digital Agency who are best placed to help their clients understand the challenges of best practice engagement with the web/internet and therefore how best to position for such change.

The world is changing, rapidly and we are all challenged to change with it. Who is up for the challenge?