February 15, 2013 - Comments Off on Keep it short and tweet with Vine

Keep it short and tweet with Vine

For the technically challenged, yet aspiring wannabe filmmaker, there is now hope! Vine has arrived and taken the ‘squeeze interesting stuff into as little space and time as possible’ to a new level with a six second video app for Twitter.

Self-described as ‘a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos’,  Vine has the potential to be a moving, grooving, micro-blogging and moment-sharing tool that could become brilliant for brands.

Keeping it short and sweet isn’t just encouraged; you don’t have a choice but to get your creative point across within six seconds. A bit like tweets being restricted to 140 characters, the thinking behind this is that ‘[Vine] believe constraint inspires creativity’.

It seems that the challenge has been accepted and acted upon by many over the last couple of weeks by professionals and amateurs alike! There are some fascinating animations to enjoy, videos that I have no idea how the clever clogs that made them achieved it and some sweet snapshots on the #valenvine.

What does everyone think of Vine?

Brandwatch reckon you never know what will stay and what will go in this ‘app eat app world’ but they highlight some top brand Vines that have come to their attention – one of the most surprising being General Electric!  Other brands showcased on their post include Fashionista, Dove and Gap. Stop motion is a recurring theme in the use of Vine for brands, and Cision highlight a great example of this in McDonalds. Cision also analyse other brand Vines from Desigual and Armani.  Their view of Vine, following their analysis, is as follows:

‘popular social media tools provoke experimentation in the marketing world. Approaches, and results, will differ but the important thing demonstrated by these brands is targeting your audience.’

Emarketer state that mobile video content is heading towards short and social, and that due to the fact it’s owned by Twitter, Vine may well contribute to assisting Twitter in becoming a top video sharing site.
Brandsonvine didn’t waste any time in jumping on the bandwagon and have usefully created a website and associated Twitter handle which curates vines from brands – i.e. does exactly what it says on the tin!  All you have to do if you are a brand on Vine is let them know so they can add you. Explore vines using Vineroulette or Vinepeek – impressive how quickly these third parties spring up! And, no surprises to see ASOS as a brand catching attention on Vine, as their social media strategy has always been market leading, but also worth a look is Tropicana’s account – particularly their #valenvine yesterday.  As a huge Tropicana lover this is my favourite so far.

So far the potential for brands on Vine has only scratched the surface I think, so I’ll revisit this in a week or so to round up my thoughts on how brands can make the most of Vine!

Currently available for iphone and ipad only, Vine is still taking the sociable web by storm and I fancied trying my hand at some succinct creativity…something my colleagues will know is not usually a strong point (!). (Brevity is a daily challenge for a lover of words such as I).

Trying my hand at Vine

Becs suggested introducing some of our people at Bloom and creating some workplace Vines so I had a wander round and interrupted the working morning of a few Bloomers:

Firstly, you can only record while you hold your finger on the screen, which was fine for the first Vine I tried – entering the Bloom offices in Leeds.

Vine 1


Introducing Becs, Joel, Foz and Glen should be accompanied by my voice saying their names for you, however it seems that if you take your finger off the screen too fast the audio doesn’t have time to register.

Vine 2


A quick test on whether holding down continuously and singing a Vine works reveals that this is the easiest way for me to record audio, or maybe Vine just prefers singing to talking?

Vine 3


Introducing some of our Dev team who had 30 secs prior warning to ready themselves for their debut – Sam, James, Nick & Philip:

Vine 4


Needless to say, I wasn’t brilliant at it despite my happy cast, and so I throw the challenge of bettering these three initial attempts at the feet of the Bloom Creative and Development teams…ready, steady, create!

Have you tried Vine yet? What do you think? Would love to hear and see your videos.