February 13, 2015 - Comments Off on Leeds to host DataDive in April

Leeds to host DataDive in April

We’re lucky enough to spend our days working on innovative data science projects at Bloom. We regularly explore new datasets and uncover previously unseen patterns within them, and the skills of our team allow us to help our clients understand the impact that their advertising is having on their business.

In April 2015 DataKind UK will host a DataDive in Leeds, giving us the opportunity to use our data science skills for the good of the local community.

At Bloom we draw insight from a variety of datasets including transactional data, social media data and raw data from web tracking systems like Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud. We apply our novel algorithms to see how consumers behave, and how we can market to different communities more efficiently.

These algorithms are designed to process large quantities of data in real time, so we can make sense of the data flood that many organisations are trying to cope with. The principles we use on a daily basis to support advertisers can also be used to help local groups understand their own data and uncover interesting stories about the city we call home.

In 2013, Bloom helped launch the Leeds Data Thing, and the first event featured the work done by Andy Bolton to uncover the “donut of despair” across Leeds. The work identified areas of child poverty across the city and provided local decision makers with facts to use as part of their debate.

The work done by Andy was a fantastic example of a data scientist using his professional skills to uncover patterns in open data for the good of the local community. The legacy of that work is still evolving across Leeds today.

The Young Foundation is currently working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Leeds City Council to tackle the structural causes of inequality in Leeds. It’s from this work that DataKind UK is running the DataDive in Leeds in April, which aims to uncover relevant stories from data held about the city.

The DataDive will give third sector organisations the chance to discover their own “donut of despair” by connecting the data science community in Leeds to the organisations who will benefit from their help.

A DataDive is a weekend event that brings volunteer data scientists and social organisations together to explore specific issues. It’s a free event, designed to help third sector organisations tell stories from their data while raising the profile of the Data for Good movement.

It’s a great way for data scientists to use their professional skills for the good of local communities. Bloom will be represented at the event through Peter Laflin, Bloom’s Chief Data Scientist.

If you know of a charity, social organisation or other voluntary group who could benefit from being involved, they should fill in the form for more information.