December 09, 2015 - Comments Off on Life as an Intern at Bloom

Life as an Intern at Bloom

Helping to grow new talent for the industry is something we’re really passionate about. This year we’re pleased to have struck up relationships with local universities and offered some of their students internships. In the client services team we welcomed Alice and Sameerah who were with us for 6 weeks getting a taste for agency life. We invited them to write about their experience of working with Bloom in this week’s Blog post.

Alice Sixsmith

Life at Bloom is very varied, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a whole host of different projects with a wide range of clients. From experience in market research and writing briefs to preparing creative pitches and learning how to maintain successful client relationships – no two days were the same! As cliché as it sounds, I’ve learnt something new every day, which is exactly what I’d hoped to gain from this internship.

Being an intern has showed me what it’s like to work in an agency, one word to sum it up is busy! It’s made me recognise that a lot of things change and you constantly need to be able to adapt to these changes and prioritise or reschedule tasks accordingly.

Working at Bloom has really helped develop my skills, stressing the importance of strong teamwork and cooperation, effective time management and organisation. Overall, it has been a valuable experience to accompany my degree.

My future plans
This internship has confirmed that I definitely do want to work in an agency like Bloom once I graduate – if anything it’s made me want to finish my degree quicker! I’ve really enjoyed the creative, non-stop atmosphere at Bloom, and know this is the type of job I would love.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of the client services team, this department works on a great variety of tasks, working closely with clients and all teams within the agency.

Tips for future Interns
My main tip is to make the most of every single opportunity here, no matter how small! Time really does fly working at Bloom and before you know it it’s the end of the internship, so I’d recommend getting involved with as much as possible from the very beginning.

Bloom are really good at listening to your views and aspirations, so it’s good to think of what key skills you want to learn and any areas in which you want to develop – mention this when you start and they’re sure to help you out. Also despite an internship usually being in one team, don’t be afraid to ask if you can gain experience in the different areas of the agency that you’re interested in. As well as what you can bring to the company, internships should equally be about what you can get out of it – Bloom really recognise and encourage this!

A typical day at Bloom

Every day at an agency like Bloom is different and often prone to frequent changes, typical activities as an intern include:

9:00: Huddle – morning team brief, good to know what’s planned for the day and keep all the team up to date with the progress
9:30: Get started with the main task set – anything from market research to competitor news to data review.
11:00: Attend an agency brief
Lunch break: Everyone’s really friendly and Bloom has a good social kitchen space
1:30: Complete more tasks throughout the afternoon, this could involve writing a brief or putting together a PowerPoint for creative pitches
2:00: WIP meeting, allows all to keep track on progress to meet deadlines
4:00: Finance meeting
5:15: End of day catch up – nice round up of the day, gave me opportunities to ask questions or raise any views I had

Sameerah Shafique

My time at Bloom was a real eye opener for me as a future marketer. The internship has helped me immensely and I now understand what it’ll be like to work at a fast paced, integrated marketing agency with a digital focus.

My internship has assisted me in making a decision about my first job role – I would love to be an account executive and think I will enjoy handling customer relationships, meetings, projects, and everything in between. I’d suggest future interns enjoy their experience to the fullest and think about how their input effects projects – basically how everything fits together to work. I’d also advise spending time with each department to understand each department’s job role so you can work better as a team. And a final tip: get involved with as many projects as you can!