August 27, 2009 - Comments Off on Market Samurai – The Way Forward for SEM?

Market Samurai – The Way Forward for SEM?

As my first contribution to the Bloom Media blog I thought it would be fitting to begin by sharing my first experience in Search Engine Marketing. When browsing the Internet in an ongoing effort to find out how to make money online I came across this guy called Ed Dale and the Thirty Day Challenge. After watching a couple of videos of this down to earth Aussie bloke and the promise of being led through a free Internet Marketing challenge over the space of (you guessed it!) 30 days I was hooked and have loved anything to do with SEM since. Read on to find out about the latest gem introduced throught the Thirty Day Challenge that could well overhaul the way Search Engine Marketing is conducted from now on.

This was back in 2006 and every year since in August Ed Dale and his team have continued to put on the completely free Thirty Day Challenge. In 2007 they highlighted a new micro-blogging network called Twitter and insisted that it would become crucial for marketing purposes in the coming years. I think even they were surprised by how accurate their foresight was. This just being one of the valuable free tips I have received from them over the years when they introduced Market Samurai I was all ears.

You will not find a more enthusiastic believer in the importance of keyword research for a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign and when the Market Samurai team said their software would save time and help find the best keywords in any given market I couldn’t wait to find out more.

The ability to filter keywords by the amount of daily visits each keyword receives has proved to be a great time saver but I have found that the real value in the keyword research element of their software is the ability to filter keyword by SEO competition. The most cost-effective SEO campaigns are those in which target keyphrases have high levels of organic traffic with little SEO competition and Market Samurai was built exactly with this aim in mind. Designed for individuals to dominate micro-niches the principles and tools in Market Samurai to highlight the best keyphrases, carry out a real time analysis of the first page SEO competition for any given keyword can be utilised for any SEO campaign to save time and produce results.

With a rank tracker, content finder, promotion and monetisation modules in addition to their powerful keyword research and SEO competition tools Market Samurai could well prove to be the best Internet Marketing software available today. With ever growing SEO competition the need to become more intelligent with keyphrase targeting and Search Engine Marketing as a whole is becoming more of a necessity. Those who succeed in targeting the best keywords are sure to continue to reap the benefits that organic traffic brings and Market Samurai may be the most efficient and cost-effective means to achieve this end.

If you have come across Ed Dale and the Thirty Day challenge and/ or have tested the Market Samurai software, we would love to hear from you.