December 16, 2015 - Comments Off on We discovered the most influential Santa in the world. And it isn’t who you think!

We discovered the most influential Santa in the world. And it isn’t who you think!

The tree is up, the festive songs are playing and the Christmas jumpers are out. With the holiday season just around the corner we thought we’d embrace the Christmas spirit and have a bit of fun.

Using our unique social intelligence tool, Whisper – which identifies true influence – we set out to find the most influential Santa on social, with surprising results.

We analysed thousands of conversations around Santa on Twitter between the 5th and 6th of December, covering a huge 655,666 tweets. 63% of these were in English relating to St. Nicholas and 19% were in Spanish discussing ‘Saints’- Santa in Spanish. Surprisingly only 477 were in Finnish – the home of Lapland – and we even found one tweet in Armenia suggesting Santa is dead!

Bringing together all the social data we got from Whisper, we’ve create a list of the top 10 most influential Santas on social. Here’s what we found:

10. @DabSantaSweater
An account dedicated entirely to a Santa jumper worn by WizKhalifa.

9. @JeremyCorbyn
Who’d have thought after spending one Saturday fundraising for refugees while wearing a Santa hat, Corbyn would make it onto our top 10.

8. @Porn_santa
Enough said.

7. @Santa_Claus
The real Santa Claus, apparently!

6. @ITVTextSanta
The ITV charity that raises money to give hope to families facing difficulties over Christmas.

5. @NoradSanta
This account claims to give us official updates on Santa’s progress around the world.

4. @OfficialSanta
An account offering personalised Santa letters.

3. @Santa
A Santa parody account with over 70k followers.

2. @1DAFSanta
One of many, this is the most influential of One Direction-themed Santa accounts.

1. @NFL_Santa
A surprising number one. This is an NFL account that shares content about American Football and what’s happening in the league around the Christmas period.

Where are people talking about Santa?

Along with this list of significant Santas, Whisper also gave us information on lots of other Santa-related social trends. Here’s the top 10 countries tweeting about Santa:
US 39%
UK 12%
Brazil 5%
Argentina 4%
Canada 4%
Venezuela 3%
Mexico 3%
Spain 3%
Columbia 3%
Thailand 2%
Finland, home to Lapland, surprisingly only accounted for 0.13% of all tweets about Santa.

See where your city lands in our top 10

With the UK making up a big chunk of the data map at 12%, we decided to take a closer look at which regions were most excited about Christmas.
Liverpool 2.8%
Glasgow 2.0%
Manchester 1.0%
Leeds 1.0%
London 1.0%
Edinburgh 0.9%
Newcastle 0.8%
Sheffield 0.8%
Birmingham 0.8%
Bristol 0.6%

So, there you have it. A slightly different look at Santa and Christmas through the eyes of data. All of which begs the question; just who have we been sending our Santa letters to all these years?