August 27, 2015 - Comments Off on Pitches don’t just win great work – they also inspire you to get fit!

Pitches don’t just win great work – they also inspire you to get fit!

We don’t make a habit of working late, but as every agency in the land will tell you it’s going to happen every now and again. And when it does, someone usually reaches for the phone to order a takeaway.

We’ve had to pull a couple of late ones recently – four, to be precise – and while we’re proud of the work we’ve done, we’re certainly not proud of the effect it’s had on our waistlines.

In one week we managed to dine out on KFC, pizzas (Domino’s, obviously, as a client of ours), a variety of Thai curries and a barbeque ‘banquet’ from Red’s in Leeds. We ate without a care in the world in order to keep us going when most other people were probably settling down to watch Coronation Street.

It did the trick – but since then there’s been a collective sigh of regret from everyone who ate four takeaways in four nights as the realisation set in that they would probably have to do something about it to shift the calories (and the guilt).

It turns out that a source of motivation was right under our noses

Luckily there are three or four people at Bloom who are fit enough to inspire the rest of us. One or two hit the gym before going to work every day, while a couple of others are in training for the next 10k race.

Earlier in August our Development Manager James Bell ran the York 10k – his 31st race of that distance and 61st race in total. He’s also completed seven marathons in cities like London, New York, Berlin and Barcelona. Basically he’s run more races than I’ve had hot dinners.

He’s our biggest inspiration. So in order to counter the calories we ingested last month we’ve decided to enter a marathon relay, which will see a group of us run a few miles each. It’s not until October but, crucially, training begins now.

And so the Bloom Running Club was born

Because of this there’s also been a demand for a lunchtime running club. Handily we’re located very close to the Leeds Liverpool canal, and the tow path provides a nice and flat running surface. It’s the perfect place to train for the marathon relay later in the year.

So all that late night pitch work (and all those takeaways) has actually encouraged us to get up and get fit!

If you are in the area and want to join in, get in touch!