March 28, 2013 - Comments Off on SEO Monkey's grand day out at LinkLove 2013

SEO Monkey's grand day out at LinkLove 2013

When Bloom’s very own pet, SEO Monkey, isn’t chilling out in his hammock or lending his ear and his brain to a creative link-building strategy, he loves nothing more than a good day out. So when Ragil and I took him all the way down to London for Link Love 2013, armed with a banana or two for the train journey and the chance to meet some of his SEO heroes, he couldn’t have been happier!

Link Love 2013, the last event of its kind, was organised by the lovely people at Distilled and affiliated with SEOMoz. Link Love 2013 certainly went out with a bang, with a fantastic selection of speakers, an idyllic venue and some tasty fodder (luckily we’d given SEO Monkey a banana on the train as there weren’t any to be found at Link Love, but they did have SEO pin-up Rand Fishkin so SEO Monkey forgave them).

LinkLove 2013 kicked off with a warm welcome by Distilled’s CEO Duncan Morris who ran through the day’s speakers, including Wil Reynolds, Lyndon Antcliff, Hannah Smith, Ian Lurie, Richard Baxter, Rand Fishkin, Ade Lewis, Claire Stokoe and Will Critchlow.

Will Critchlow hangs out with SEO Monkey

Here’s an overview of some of our favourite speakers:

First up was the energetic Wil Reynolds. Who needs a cup of coffee in the morning when you can listen to Wil speak?! Wil delivered a captivating (and hilarious) presentation focusing on the opportunities that are generally missed out on when link building. For example, Wil argued that SEO shouldn’t stop when a lead is gained or a customer converts. Wil made a great point that if a customer has got as far as buying from your site, then maintaining a relationship and future link building opportunities with that person will become easier.

Hannah Smith, SEO consultant at Distilled, shared her impressive top link building tips. Hannah spoke about creating bespoke, quality content for clients. The key, she argued, is to always make sure that you’re creating content which gets links, not creating content for links. Lots of different useful tools were mentioned, although a favourite of mine was Boomerang – a tool which automatically follows up outreach emails so you don’t have to manually keep track / set reminders.

Ian Lurie’s link spam analysis presentation was very topical after recent Google updates. Ian gave urged people to clean up their back link profiles even if they had not received a Google warning, arguing that it’s just a matter of time. He also introduced his automated spam detecting tool which is still in development. His advice was to get all links from Google webmaster tools, Opensite Explorer and Majestic, sort by URL, anchor text, majestic trust flow and Moz DA & PA, then evaluate the URLs to potentially disavow.

Distilled’s very own Will Critchlow finished off the day with his inspiring presentation on the future of link building. Will explored the perception of SEO in general, what SEO consultants have done wrong and what they need to be doing. He encouraged us to look at the bigger picture. A good SEO-er , Will argued, should be able to create wonderful content, understand technology and always focus on shareability. He then asked the conference delegates to complete some homework – such as making a cold call, speaking to a room of 200 or negotiating with a salesperson. This homework was set to challenge the typical SEO-bod, turning an SEO consultant into a much more well rounded (and articulate!) digital marketer.

It’s safe to say that we all had a great day – Ragil & SEO Monkey even managed to sneak in a massage! To take a look at all presentation slides, have a read here.

It’s all in a day’s work for SEO Monkey