April 24, 2012 - Comments Off on Shazam for TV

Shazam for TV

At Social Media World Forum I enjoyed a talk from Iain Dendle at Shazam, a popular pioneer app which identifies music just by hearing it for 10 seconds. It’s been going since 2002 via text message, as it uses a mobile phone’s in built microphone to work. Now it is in the top 10 most downloaded apps and Iain informed us it has 180m users!

Here are the key takeaways from his talk ‘Shazam for TV’

Why do viewers want to interact with TV?
1. Getting more information
2. Save for later: programme advertising
3. Share
4. Purchase- A seemless a quick user journey

Why is Mobile the platform for interactive?
The second screen is the -place the user wants to interact: Why?
1. Smartphone use is up
2. These are personal devices and don’t disrupt everyone else’s viewing
4. Portable
3. Trained to multi task: 30 % of people view things related to what they’re watching on their smartphone.

Shazam works…
– immediate engagement with TV at scale
– recognises audio from TV
– very much about mobile discovery and driving engagement for super users

Shazam enabling the Superbowl

Shazam worked with half the advertisers to turn interaction to a larger one. People Shazamed the ads as much as people commented about the brand on all social media combined.

Shazam has just over 12m users so far and based on what we heard from Iain and the shift towards increased second screen usage I think this number will continue to grow.

I asked around the office for any Shazam users to get their thoughts;
Bryn Berry:

“Shazam has become quite an essential app, I have even began to ignore how ridiculous I look when Im in a bar or restaurant trying to stealthily point my phone at the speakers without looking like a weirdo! I only use it at its basic function, but if its functionalities were to expand I would explore.”

Steve Harrison:

“I use it a bit on the move when im listening to the radio, find the track and then download it when I get home to add to my playlists. It did demolish the ‘name that tune’ section of the pub quiz though!”

Dan Akers:

“Shazam is the best of these apps and I’m pleased that there is now a version for Android which I’m about to try. If we are talking where I use it, I occasionally use it for advert backing music… but I mainly use it when I’m in a bar or at a festival listening to a DJ.”

Have you tried Shazam and what are your thoughts?