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The social media guidance that all financial firms need to know

It’s been a hotly discussed topic – how can financial firms promote their services on social media in a way that’s compliant? Following a consultation last autumn the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has released a set of guidelines to help companies embrace the evolving world of social media without the fear of being fined. Read more…

Bloom Financial overlapping speech bubbles.

The social media guidance that all financial firms need to know

It’s been a hotly discussed topic – how can financial firms promote their services on social media in a way that’s compliant? Following a consultation last autumn the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has released a set of guidelines to help companies embrace the evolving world of social media without the fear of being fined. Read more…


‘The dress’ – #whiteandgold or #blackandblue?

Personally I wasn’t interested in ‘the dress’ but, surprisingly, many of us were. This was a great example of how a simple tweet or post can whip up an engaged social media audience in an instant. Read more…

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All you need to know to optimise your social media images

Despite what we might think, there are plenty of us who still judge books by their covers – so don’t let your existing or potential customers judge you for social media images that don’t display correctly on your accounts. Read more…

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Why corporate boardrooms need to engage with social media

Every so often a company will receive a surprise, or a stimulus, that threatens to change the way it does business. This unexpected interruption might be easily dismissed by sceptics, but doing so poses a risk that would remain hidden until it’s too late. This is the challenge of social media. Read more…

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Second nomination for Bloom’s ground-breaking social data research with ITV

We’ve always believed that maths has its place at the heart of creativity, so we’re proud to announce that our work with ITV in advertising and social data has now been nominated for a second award. Read more…

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How social technology is changing business dynamics

There have been a lot of blogs recently about the impact that change and big data is having on the CXO domain. These blogs have stimulated debate around how technology creates strategic shifts – especially within the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) roles, where one is driven by technology and the other by competitive positioning. Read more…

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Bloom and ITV nominated for UK Social Media Award

The data that comes from people who use social media while watching TV holds a lot of value for advertisers. Using our social intelligence tool and some unique measurement techniques, we discovered that – with the right strategy – brands can use ad breaks to increase their return on investment. And our work on this with ITV has seen us nominated for a prestigious award. Read more…

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Why you should always be creating more customer focused content

If you want to know something, you ask the internet. We get our answers, make decisions and form opinions by discovering things online. Everyone’s doing it, which is why the web has become such an integral part of any business – and it’s never been more important for bosses to think about what content they put on there, and how they do it. Read more…

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Big Data, little data – so what?

I’ve read many opinion articles recently about the burgeoning multi-billion dollar market built around so-called Big Data. There’s no doubt that with the advent of social media (and its associated impact on brand perception and performance) the enormous amount of information held in these platforms has contributed to the hype that surrounds the ‘concept’. Read more…

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What is the second screen, and what makes it so important?

You may have heard people talking about the second screen, and you may have read bits about it too. Marketers and advertisers are very excited about it, and some companies are investing heavily in it. But what exactly is it? And how can it benefit brands and businesses? Here’s how… Read more…

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Should crowd sourcing be the future of banking bonus decisions?

On the day that the RBS group announced losses of £8bn, the news story was always going to make headlines. The announcement was the subject of nearly 20,000 tweets – the majority of which highlighted the bad deal that UK taxpayers got from the bank’s losses. Read more…

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Creating power from social media

The corridors of power at major corporates ring with the sound of numbers, as hard data drives strategic, tactical and evidence-based decision making. Even where balanced scorecard approaches are used for business performance management, financial metrics still dominate decision making – albeit heavily influenced by ‘City’ sentiment. Read more…

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Breakfast Brand Bash review: How to be legally social

With more and more businesses operating online – and especially on social media – it’s become more important than ever to know how to be legally social. So we got together with leading law firm Walker Morris to organise our second and most recent Breakfast Brand Bash seminar, where professionals could get advice, answers and best practice from a panel of experts.

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Breakfast brand bash: How to be legally social

With the number of active users on social media increasing by 64% in the last eight years and 93% of marketers currently using this medium to drive business, social media engagement is fast becoming one of the most important ways for brands to connect with their audience. Over the next five years companies are expected to double their social marketing budgets and for this reason brands must understand how to use this platform in the correct and most profitable way for their business.

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Bloom to discuss the potential of the second screen at European summit

Having just spoken in China, our very own CEO Alex Craven is jetting off to Barcelona at the end of February (26th to be exact) to speak about the advertising potential of ‘second screening’ – the screens of our mobile phones and tablets that we use while watching television. Read more…


Which social channel is the best for you and your audience?

Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr…. the list of social media channels is endless and it just keeps getting longer. New social channels are popping up all over place as there’s now increasing pressure to be part of the online social community. But with the list of growing platforms to choose from, which is the best for your brand and audience?

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What does Instagram Direct have in store?

As we all know, social media plays a vital role in helping brands to develop and share content with their target audiences. Picking the right mix of platforms to use is extremely important but with new channels being launched all the time, choosing the right ones to invest time in can be tricky.  In an effort to capture marketers’ attention, many social media networks are now adding extra features to ensure their longevity.

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6 brands who are awesome on Tumblr

Tumblr is not often a first thought when planning  marketing campaigns and thinking which social channels to use, although depending on your target market – you could be missing out by overlooking this growing platform. According to Search Engine People, only 31 of the top 100 brands are using Tumblr.

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Using Big Data to Measure Brand Performance

I’m delighted to have been asked to talk about “Using Big Data to Measure Brand Performance” at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences’ 2nd workshop on Social Media and Big Data taking place in Edinburgh today, the 28th November 2013.

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Sweat the small stuff: how the smallest of social media mistakes can have a big impact

Christmas is in the air. We’ve started drinking mulled wine, munching on mince pies, singing along to Christmas songs and the orders for the office Christmas party are in! But it’s not all about Christmas cheer – for marketing departments across the UK this is the time when a whole heap of their hard-fought-for marketing budget is spent on multi-million pound through-the-line campaigns and months of hard work comes to fruition. Instead of a time being filled with joy, Christmas can be nerve-wracking for both agencies and brands alike, who are waiting in anticipation to see if a campaign with fly and steal the festive hearts of the nation.

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