February 04, 2013 - Comments Off on Talking to your customers on Facebook with Custom Audiences

Talking to your customers on Facebook with Custom Audiences

Yesterday we tuned into a live chat on Facebook Studio to hear an update on Facebook performance marketing.

I like finding out what’s now and what’s next from the frontline, and it was a really handy half hour introduction into some exciting new products!  The main theme of the live chat was targeting and attribution, which is an area where marketers are keen to see improvements.

Facebook has been working on targeting and now claim 44% cost savings when using performance marketing, due to better targeting. Even more excitingly, though, is the fact that companies can now upload their customer email addresses and really get the right people seeing their ads!

Custom Clusters

Facebook now has teams specialising in segmenting audiences per vertical, so if you are British Airways, for example, you could target frequent flyers! If I were Planely I’d be making even better friends with Facebook right about now…

Custom Audiences

this is the BIG one! What is it? Well, it allows businesses to upload a file of their customer email addresses and match them to Facebook IDs! Finally!
During the Q & A session, Susan from Facebook went into a bit more detail and explained the process:
1. Upload data file of email addresses
2. This is then hashed
3. User ID are also hashed
4. Email addresses and IDs are matched so you can target your actual customers
5. Data privacy? It was made clear that Facebook don’t keep the data – in fact they can’t see it due to the hashing – which makes it anonymous. Also, if there’s no matching Facebook ID they remove those email addresses. For what hashing actually is, (cool if you know already – this is just as I’m not a whizz at the Dev shizzle!), I asked Andy from our Dev team to explain: “It’s ultimately down to security, it hides the true value of the text (email address) so that no one can decipher it. It basically makes the text unreadable.”

Here are a couple of other interesting things to come out of the chat:

  • Optimising for conversion = Facebook say they understand that you don’t care about just clicks or views, but which ads actually convert on your site – clicks do not equal business results
  • Creative Optimisation = 50+ creative ads advised for A/B testing
  • Datalogics = who Facebook has been working with to do all this cool data stuff
  • Insight = Facebook say that 99% of the lift from a Facebook Ad campaign actually comes from users who didn’t click on an ad. This is where they talked a lot about how they understand the importance of multi-touch attribution
  • Click tags, View tags and Conversion tags = Facebook advise that we use these for optimum attribution measurement
  • Facebook is pushing the sponsored stories and Page post ads over the display ads on the right hand side. My guess is they are going to ditch the right hand side ads completely as they had nothing positive to say about them and acknowledged reports of minimal ROI
  • PMD: Preferred Marketing Developers = Facebook is pushing everyone to have a PMD on board due to the fact that they get an extra layer on top of the normal ad platform and are used to working with and making full use of the Facebook API
  • Encourage using self-serving ads

For more information on Custom Audiences see the Facebook marketers page.

I’m pretty excited about testing out the custom segments , what are your thoughts on where Facebook advertising is going?