October 30, 2015 - Comments Off on The Digital Creative

The Digital Creative

I describe myself as a creative.
But what is a creative?
Many people don’t consider this a real job title.
To them it’s a cop out.
To them being creative is dossing about and never getting anything done.
At Bloom we know the reality.

Creative people think hard.
Creative people work hard.
Creative people are always discovering.
Creative people will find a way to finish the job – even if it is two in the morning.
Creativity extends past the traditional design studio.
Creativity is more than an art director and copywriter.
Creative is an attitude, a different way of thinking.

At Bloom we’re all creative.
Data, strategy, SEO, design, digital, insight, social, branding.
Integrated creativity.

I began this blog with the aim to explain the importance of the digital creative.
Why digital marketers and creative thinkers should work together.
Grow together.
Technology is advancing.
And the way we engage with the world is changing.
We know that 42% of people are online.
That 29% of people are active on social.
We’re all connected all the time.
But that’s old news.
Advertisers have yet to explore the limits of digital.
We’re only knocking at the door.

Whilst writing a draft I realised it’s not just about the digital creative.
It’s a much bigger picture.

At Bloom it’s my job to bridge the creative and digital teams.
How can the old work with the new?
How can we break down the door and keep moving?
Without the wider team none of this is possible.
We grind to a halt.
We need data, strategy, SEO, design, digital, insight, social, branding.
We need integrated creativity.
We need people who think differently.
We need creatives.

As a colleague once told me ‘team work makes the dream work.’
It’s a saying I will always remember.
A saying that will help the new become old.

By Rhia Jones – Digital Creative Executive at Bloom.