January 16, 2015 - Comments Off on Top 10 hopes for 2015

Top 10 hopes for 2015

At the end of December we reflected on the things that defined our year and revealed our Top 10 achievements of 2014. Now that 2015 is well underway, and we’ve all had time back in the office to focus on the future, we’ve compiled 10 things we want to achieve over the next 12 months.

In 2015 we hope to:

  1. Grow the agency by taking on more talented individuals with big ideas
  2. Make data work smarter for people and places – including our home city of Leeds!
  3. Let even more people see the potential of our unique social intelligence tool Whisper
  4. Use our knowledge and integrated approaches to deliver more real-time marketing campaigns
  5. Host more events to share market insight and best practice with more businesses
  6. Establish Bloom Financial and help organisations transform their regulatory literature
  7. Help more clients think like tomorrow and discover what’s next for their brand
  8. Increase our position in the RAR Top 100 agencies outside of London
  9. Get fit for 40 (well for some of us, anyway)
  10. Keep on discovering and embracing change…