August 03, 2015 - Comments Off on Top 10 things we did in July

Top 10 things we did in July

July passed in a blink of an eye, but there were some late nights thrown in there as we worked on not one, not two but three pitches. It’s taken a big effort from everyone – especially as there have been plenty of other things going on…

Here’s our Top 10 for July:

  1. After providing Sky with the insight from our Whisper tool, their advert for the new Premier League season has hit 17.5m views! It’s also topped the Campaign Viral Chart and has been described as ‘the greatest thing in the history of the universe’.
  2. As mentioned at the top we’ve been working on three different pitches and we’ve received some very positive feedback so far. Watch this space…
  3. The late night pitch work was fuelled/rewarded by a variety of takeaways (see bullet 10 for how we’re combatting this)!
  4. Our Digital Marketing team led our latest Discovery Collective session, where they explained why good content will always win the day.
  5. We’ve been making sure that all our clients’ websites remain unaffected and remain fully optimised following the release of Google’s Panda 4.2 algorithm update. Here’s a bit more about it.
  6. We’ve been helping companies to treat their customers fairly by re-writing their regulatory literature – and now it’s supported by our Bloom Conduct website.
  7. We created and delivered an integrated campaign to promote LA fitness’s partnership with Spartan, and the specialist training regimes they’ve created to help members prepare for the toughest obstacle races around the globe.
  8. We attended the first ever Leeds Digital Summit, where we (and another 100 attendees) discussed how we can help the digital economy of Leeds to grow.
  9. We always give our very best, and we’re glad our clients agree. They’ve continued to rate us highly, which is why we continue to be on the Recommended Agency Register.
  10. In amongst all that we’ve also found time to start up a lunchtime running club as some of us begin to prepare for a relay marathon later in the year (while others are burning off all those takeaway calories)!

If you’d like to know more about any of the work, news or announcements above, please get in touch.