December 08, 2015 - Comments Off on Why SKY, ITV and ADT are unlocking the power of data

Why SKY, ITV and ADT are unlocking the power of data

It’s becoming more and more clear that data is one of the most important drivers of the 21st century economy. As a brand, if you know how to master data and use it to your advantage you can get some spectacular results.

Bloom is proud to be at the forefront of data technology. Our unique social intelligence tool – Whisper – is helping our clients inform their marketing and comms to get ahead of the competition. Sky, ITV and ADT have all unlocked the power of data science and reaped the benefits, with highly successful campaigns.

Whisper can analyse thousands of tweets in real time and provide our clients with invaluable insight. Some of our work using Whisper was presented at the launch of the Alan Turing Institute in early November. The £42 million government funded institute was opened by Minster of Universities and Science, Jo Johnson and Martha Lane Fox and showcased the vision for the newly created Institute.

We were thrilled to be involved and have our data visualisations of UK cities presented at the event. Whisper analysed 23 million tweets from over 300,000 individuals, and successfully showed the way people come together to form communities along with how this differs across the UK. We achieved this by working with the universities of Oxford and Strathclyde using social media data and mapping out complex structures that exist in cities. Using this new innovative data source can give us answers to problems that we previously had no way of tackling.

This in turn drives the 21st century economy, improves our academic understanding and helps us progress as a society. Marketers on top of their game are not only recognising this, but taking full advantage of it resulting in hugely successful campaigns.

Peter Laflin
Chief Data Scientist