September 30, 2012 - Comments Off on What Amy Did Next

What Amy Did Next

Amy on her first day at school. Not a dissimilar experience to her first day at Bloom.

Hello, I’m the newbie, and I’ve kindly been offered the opportunity to introduce myself on the Bloom Blog, so, here goes! In a nutshell, I’m an Account Manager with a keen eye for detail, a passion for digital marketing and a lot of love for my label maker. Oh, and my name is Amy.

My career story began a few years back with a degree at Huddersfield University in Advertising, Media and Design Management, alongside an internship at Lightbulb Brand Design Agency also over in Huddersfield. I’m pleased to say that my geek-like nature paid off and I graduated with a First – sorry, I had to get that in somewhere. My degree was presented to me by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart who just so happened to be the Chancellor of the University (double geek points, I think you’ll agree).

The story continued as my internship transformed into employment, and I soon found myself a fully-fledged Design Manager; responsible for handling all the creative projects that came through the agency. After learning and growing with the agency for a total of four years, I decided it was time to stretch my legs and I looked to my home town of Leeds.

One afternoon not that long ago, after a client meeting at The Round Foundry, I took a walk around the estate and stumbled across Bloom. Everyone looked so content sat in the studio tapping away on their keyboards. So, once I removed my nose from the window I whipped out my smartphone and did a quick Google search on ‘Bloom agency’. Low and behold, they were recruiting.

My career thus far has been a mixture of both print and digital accounts, but it’s digital that really gets me out of bed on a morning. We move in exciting times for the advertising industry, as we become more and more immersed in digital marketing. As the new Bloomer I’m delighted to be part of a digital agency who can advise clients on not only what they need for their brand strategy today, but also what they’ll need for tomorrow.

In what seems like a complete whirlwind, I now find myself sat in the Bloom studio, tapping away on my very own keyboard and introducing myself to you fine people. As a Junior Account Manager here I’ll be getting to grips with Bloom’s digital projects, making sure everything continues to run as smoothly as possible and that we deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations.

I’m reaching the end of my first week now and it’s been fantastic getting to know everyone – Bloomers and clients alike – and also understanding how I’ll become a part of this digital discovery agency.

So far, so good; I think they like me!