April 21, 2015 - Comments Off on Why data triage is the secret behind successful consumer marketing campaigns

Why data triage is the secret behind successful consumer marketing campaigns

The current meaning – the process of determining the most important people or things from amongst a large number that require attention (Oxford Dictionary) – dates from the 1930s, from military lessons associated with assessing the huge number of wounded on the battlefields of the First World War. Triage nurses were trained to sort and prioritise those who needed treatment most…

So it was highly relevant when, in a discussion with Pete Grindrod – a Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University and non-executive director at Bloom – the term ‘data triage’ came up.

It was mentioned in the context of our Whisper tools, which analyse the massive amount of social data generated by marketing campaigns to provide real-time insight.

It reminded me of when, on first starting my journey into the domain of sales and marketing, I was given a copy of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, and I wondered what on earth it had to do with sales and marketing.

The messages eventually became clear – and I understood the application of the concepts (albeit sometimes from the pain associated with ignorance or procrastination!).

Over recent years, the battle for hearts and minds in consumer marketplaces has become a similar ‘theatre of war’ – made much more complicated by globalisation and the ‘push-pull’ dynamic associated with social media. Brand advocacy and personal recommendations are now having a major impact on marketing campaigns and brand promotions.

This wasn’t the first occasion in recent times that I’d come across the word ‘triage’, in relation to Big Data programmes. It’s already becoming another buzzword used to simplify the complex analysis of identifying key influencing factors in real-time marketing campaigns.

We’re already using our Whisper tools for TV programme sponsorship, advertising campaigns, second screen interaction, brand development (and more) to manage real-time impact and return on investment.

Being able to apply the principles of data triage in the analytics associated with these tools provides vital intelligence that supports quick decisions to maximise ROI.

In my opinion, the traditional rules of marketing have already changed. This is yet another example of how ‘push-pull’ dynamics and prioritisation has impacted this change. Anyone involved in such consumer-driven campaigns needs to talk to our Whisper experts.

Give them a call, before it’s too late. Pain is very personal!

“If ignorant… you are certain to be in peril.”

“Quickness is the essence of war.”

Sun Tzu; 544BC – 496BC – Chinese military strategist and philosopher