July 29, 2015 - Comments Off on Why great content will always win the day

Why great content will always win the day

In our latest Discovery Collective session our Digital Marketing team gave us the lowdown on how they’re constantly adjusting their approaches and techniques in order to stay ahead in an area of marketing that’s forever evolving.

But if there’s one thing that stays the same, it’s that good content will always win the day. As long as you’ve got good content – and a technically well optimised website – then you’ve got the potential to perform well in the world of search.

For a long time brands were focused on finding the shortcuts that helped them rank higher, without really thinking about what’s best for the consumer. But Google were thinking about the consumer. They want to give them the best search experience, where the most appropriate content always comes out on top.

So what makes good content?

It has to be engaging, compelling and unique. It should teach you something you didn’t already know, or show you something you haven’t already seen.

A bit like this 30 species in 30 pieces exhibition. It’s a beautiful blend of design, visuals and animation that teaches you about how close some of the world’s most incredible species are to extinction.

As the Digital Marketing team explained, the acid test to any content is: would you share it with your family and friends? If not, it’s probably not good content.

The evolution of SEO

Once upon a time it was called Search Engine Optimisation, but as our Digital Marketing team explained it’s become much more integrated. Their work now encompasses paid media (display ads, pay-per-click), owned media (client website, mobile web, A/B testing) and earned media (organic traffic), and it all needs to work together to be successful.

Google now use social media as a ranking factor, so if you have social profiles, and you’re actively engaging with your followers, then that will count in your favour too.

The benefit of backlinks

Backlinks are still a big part of good old SEO (Google are trying to move away from this, but they’re still a big part, it’s no denying). They’re votes of confidence for your site. But not all ‘votes’ are equal; some are worth more than others. A link to your site from the BBC for example would carry more weight than a link from a barely visited blog.

More links to your site doesn’t result in higher rankings. That’s a myth. When it comes to backlinks it’s quality, not quantity. Google’s Penguin algorithm sorted that. And you should forget about ever paying for links – that’s a no-no.

The Digital Marketing team explained the Interflora crash of 2013 and how our intelligence tool Whisper is able to visualise backlink audits for our clients to help ensure they’ll never have to face a debilitating Google penalty – essentially futureproofing the sites.

Final thought

Good quality content attracts natural sharing and organic traffic – and that’s the most valuable asset if you’re looking to perform well in search.