January 02, 2015 - Comments Off on Why social data will be the most important tool of 2015

Why social data will be the most important tool of 2015

If there’s one resolution you should make for 2015, it’s to delve deep into social data. You may have heard that it was big in 2014. Well, it’s set to be even bigger – and even more important – this year.

According to Michael Brito, Head of Social Strategy at WCG, the ‘big idea’ that anchored all creative marketing programmes, pitches and campaigns will be replaced with the question: What does the data say?

Our unique social intelligence tool Whisper could help answer that question for you. It uses large amounts of social data to identify your brand’s true influencers and their behaviours, so you can create targeted campaigns that deliver a better return on investment.

We helped ITV do that last year, in a project that was nominated for two national awards, so we know how powerful data can be. We also became a founder partner of the Open Data Institute, which is using data to create economic, environmental and social value.

And that was all in 2014.

One of the biggest challenges in any environment is the unknown. What will 2015 bring? No one knows for certain, but judging by what’s gone before, it’s safe to say that people are going to demand even more quality content that’s engaging and tailored to them.

The key to success will be discovering what drives that content – and how it should be delivered. And so we return to data.

Not all people want to be communicated with or spoken to in the same way. They might be more receptive at different times. Brands will need to be even more flexible and strategic in the way they prepare and publish their content.

You’ll also have to be agile too. Who knows where conversations on Facebook and Twitter may lead? Are you prepared to make videos or interactive content if that’s what is wanted or needed? They could take you down some exciting but unexpected roads.

There will be a greater emphasis on building communities and brand advocacy, rather than just pushing out messages, so it’s time you got to understand your people. You might call them your target market, or audience, but never forget that they’re people. They’re individuals who have real thoughts and real feelings. This can be lost when thinking of them as a collective.

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Ultimately there’s going to be a greater focus on listening, accessing and understanding data to drive successful campaigns. We’ve been helping our clients do this throughout 2014, so we’re more than prepared.

Join us and discover where your brand could go in 2015.