ADT Fire and Security

Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with powerful creative to deliver record-breaking lead volumes

When ADT cut budget from TV and other above the line activity, they knew this would affect lead generation. They tasked us with generating leads in other ways, with a view to creating significant uplift and guiding their brand in the right direction.

We knew we needed to push digital channels to deliver a sales uplift significant enough to compensate the loss of above the line activity. So we trialled our AI-powered PPC bid management platform – Decision – on ADT’s AdWords activity.

Decision automatically collected insight from multiple data sources, including AdWords, Google search results for organic, paid positions and keywords, along with data scraped from Google trends and competitor websites, and brand bidding on Google SERPs.

This uncovered a whole new set of opportunities to expand the volume of keyphrases being targeted. All while highlighting poorly performing keyphrases and unnecessary spend on brand terms. Put simply, we revolutionised their keyphrase spend, and combined it with powerful creative to maximise the value of every visitor to the ADT website.


The results

We generated record lead volumes and saw the most efficient cost per lead results in ADT’s history, against both previous digital performance and net across all channels. And all without any above the line marketing support. Year-on-year our work generated:

315% increase in impressions
50% increase in visits
27% average saving per click
30% more leads
16% saving in cost per lead