A waterpark from another world

For almost 50 years, Alpamare has created some of the largest, funnest waterparks in Europe. And when they decided to bring their magic to the North Yorkshire coast, they asked us to create a launch campaign that told families across Yorkshire and the North East all about the fun in-store. But the buzz we built had to deliver visitors – in fact they wanted 300,000 of them in the first year.

In the UK, many people have preconceptions of waterparks being cold, dirty and overcrowded with boring slides and bad food. But Alpamare Scarborough is a world away from this, and the best way to communicate that was to show people. We wanted to poke fun at what the British are used to, before revealing how mind-blowing Alpamare is, and our campaign line of ‘This is not a waterpark, this is a waterpark’ set the tone. We created TV, outdoor, press, radio, social, DM and online assets to celebrate Alpamare and show why the unmistakably Alpine experience of Alpamare has to be seen to be believed. 

 Since opening, Alpamare has smashed all visitor targets. It was hoped that 35,000 people would pass through the door, but a whopping 55,000 slid and splashed through Yorkshire’s newest must-see leisure destination in the first month.

“Bloom developed a campaign that distilled the essence of what Alpamare is, and transformed it into a message that our British guests can understand. We instantly knew that they had understood our product and found a really great approach to establish the ‘Alpine’ Alpamare on the Yorkshire Coast.”
Anton Hoefter, CEO of Alpamare