Creating and launching the sophisticated brand, the Super Casino of the North

The Brief

To launch a super casino at the heart of Leeds, in the city’s new Victoria Gate development. Aimed at the leisure and gaming audience, and being the biggest venue outside London, it became The Super Casino of the North, where anything is possible. 


Our Response

Using our proprietary social analysis tool Whisper, we gathered audience insight from the gambling and leisure sectors, to help us develop a brand proposition and visual identity that resonated with audiences and was fitting of ‘The Super Casino of the North’.

Aiming to communicate a brand essence of ‘accessible luxury’, we developed the brand name, logo marque, brand identity, look and feel. All of which was developed in conjunction with the architects responsible for designing and building the physical space.

With a brand proposition and identity in place, when then developed a teaser campaign to create intrigue within Leeds ahead of the casino launch. Working with our PR partner Umpf, and media partner Alchemy, we developed enigmatic social content, PR and outdoor media that created a ‘buzz’ in the city and delivered member sign ups before the venue was even open.

Following the teaser campaign, we released an impactful launch campaign, covering every customer touchpoint. From social media, digital advertising, and digital outdoor media, to an experiential opening event complete with live music, competitions throughout the evening and even a magician.

Opening night was a huge success, and guests were queuing out of the door to be amongst the first to enjoy a drink and a spin at the Super casino of the North!

Once it was launched, we were involved with ongoing marketing support for the casino. We created identities for Poker, Loyalty, Slots Club and produced Social Media activity and tactical campaigns for sales promotion like Red and Black with a car as the prize, Super Sport Weekend and Happy Hour.


Launch night was a great success, besides creating a buzz around the opening and establishing the casino as the new, must-visit entertainment spot, we saw:

  • 1,400 people at the tables and bars. That’s full capacity, managing one in, one out all night
  • 4,000 people walked through the doors on the Saturday of Super Sport Weekend.