September 16, 2010 - Comments Off on YouView Changing TV Forever?

YouView Changing TV Forever?


YouView has finally stepped from the shadows today and unveiled some pretty serious plans for next year. The service aims to update Freeview to compete with more interactive offerings from established TV providers such as Sky and Virgin, whilst allowing viewers access to free on demand services such as the iPlayer and 4OD.

It’s being backed by some big players including BBC, Channel 4 and ITV but what I think is most exciting is the potential change this could mean for TV advertising and media consumption.

From the information that’s been revealed so far YouView could potentially offer media producers the opportunity to ‘sell’ their shows direct to the viewer through a Pay Per View or micropayment subscription model (either by channel or program). This could could mean the end of annoying ad breaks forever. Potentially.

There is also talk of an app store on the service, further expanding the possibilities for interaction, collaboration and, well who knows?

This is another step towards true integration of television, radio, the internet, apps… It’s an exciting move away from just selling a service toward giving people a truly tailored, interactive experience. It means advertisers will have to work harder and take inspiration from online advertising to create successful contextual ads. In short it sounds awesome.

Is social TV just around the corner?

There is an excellent article on The Guardian if you’re as excited as I am and want more!