November 06, 2012 - Comments Off on Anglian Home Improvements go mobile

Anglian Home Improvements go mobile

If you’ve had a glance at The Drum today, you might have noticed that Bloom and Anglian Home Improvements have hit the headlines with the launch of a new mobile site.

Anglian’s new mobile site

With 71 per cent of smartphone owners regularly researching products on their mobile, we’ve worked closely with Anglian to spot the burgeoning opportunities afforded by the explosive growth in smartphone usage. The fully optimised mobile site was developed and built at Bloom Towers and showcases Anglian’s latest offers, customer testimonials, social integration and a comprehensive product guide.

The site has already reported an impressive increase in traffic of 20 per cent since the launch, with conversion rates also rising significantly.

Matt Carey, head of digital marketing at Anglian Home Improvements, said: “Our research suggests the mindset of mobile users is different to desktop users as they are often on the move, time poor and much closer to making a purchase decision.

“So, our priorities were to slicken the customer journey, convey product features and benefits more succinctly and make calls to action more prominent. Early signs are that we have got this right as conversion has dramatically improved since launch and continues to improve.”

Alex Craven, chief executive of Bloom, added: “Mobile should be an integral part of any digital marketing mix. Too often it is viewed as a standalone project, when really it should be a dynamic part of any campaign.”