June 09, 2009 - Comments Off on Bloom Media Launch Corporate Blog for Anglian Home Improvements

Bloom Media Launch Corporate Blog for Anglian Home Improvements


Bloom Media helped launch a corporate blog for client Anglian Home Improvements in April 2009.  Realising that companies are becoming web savvier and socialising more on the internet, Bloom Media have made an attempt to tap Anglian’s potential to get closer to their customers through their blog.

The blog http://blog.anglianhome.co.uk/ is aimed towards giving everyone a behind the scenes insight into Anglian’s world, its employees and its culture. It will serve as a platform for exchanging information, comments and feedback between customers and the company, and will provide updated company news and information on the various charity and community events that Anglian participate in. There will also be a focus on the double glazing industry as a whole, and developments within.  Readers will be encouraged to participate actively in online discussions by posing questions, comments and responses through the blog.  The blog intends to show the fun side of working with Anglian but also convey its seriousness in promoting Anglian Home’s image as a customer friendly company that gives priority to feedback and answering comments from customers.

Since its launch in April, there have been numerous interesting posts on various categories such as updates on the marketing side of the business, a historical perspective of windows in its product development section and the company’s recent donation of a conservatory to a local charity in Norwich. This can be found in the Charity and Community section.

The launch of the Anglian Home Improvements blog is a positive step towards bridging the gap between business and customer and is a prime example of how the ever-evolving internet community can be used to benefit both customers and businesses. Customers now have the chance to get answers to questions and have access to advice from both past and present customers, whilst businesses have the opportunity to provide exemplary customer service with fast and thoughtful responses to any queries that arise.