September 15, 2011 - Comments Off on FC Bloom's First Match Out

FC Bloom's First Match Out

After what seemed a frantic couple of weeks, where fixtures were being decided, paying times and day we being moved about, Wednesday 14th saw the inaugural match of the Woodkirk 5-a-side league for FC Bloom.

There was much excitement in the office on the build up to kick off at 7pm where we would face our first opponents Kithy Utd – who incidentally turned out to be a well seasoned and regimented 5-a-side team.

We all went outside to have a ‘kick about’ warm up while we waited for Nick to return so we could set off, this proved that between the 5 of us playing that night we had the skills, that could only be compared to the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal, which was great! However we soon noticed that we left those skills at the midnight bell when we set off for the ground.

The New 3G pitches at Woodkirk were a pleasure to play on, a long way from the old Sand based Astroturf that you could burn yourself on just by looking at it. We settle in for another kick about and warm up while we waited for the opposition to arrive.

So, we were ready, 35 mins of intense football followed, where there were several cries of ‘you what!’ and the ‘referees a banker’. All I can really say is that everybody on the pitch gave their 110% big shout out to Matt Kerridge, Ryan Dearlove, Nick Ratcliffe, Andy Morgan and Steve Harrison.

Hopefully next week we will have our new FC Bloom kit, the regular amount of ‘much needed’ substitutes and a much more suitable opposition.

Also a big should out to the boys at Kithy Utd who played brilliantly and deserved their win.


FC Bloom 3 – Kithy Utd 16