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Infographic: the world's talking about Big Data Week

Big Data Week, which took place over seven days from the 22nd – 28th April, saw communities from 27 cities across the globe come together to talk about one of world’s hottest topics right now – Big Data.

Want to know a bit more about this study? Download the Big Data Week 2013 whitepaper here or click on the infographic above.

Here at Bloom we were intrigued about how people were talking about Big Data Week and interacting with each other during the festival.

Using Whisper (Bloom’s earned media planning tool) and data provided by DataSift, we analysed 13,207 tweets that used #bdw13 (the festival’s official hashtag) to determine the spread of conversation and pinpoint the true influencers in the conversation. We measure true influence by looking at how well an account can broadcast and receive information, passing it on to other networks to expand the conversation.

Unlike cruder measures of influence, our true influence score doesn’t simply reflect follower numbers, re-tweet rate or number of tweets. We have used Whisper to find our clients’ most influential target audiences online, and then plan creative campaigns based on behaviour. So, what did we find? Well, the conversation surrounding Big Data Week was extremely connected.

People from different cities around the world were conversing with each other, spreading information about the festival around the globe. London, Madrid, Barcelona, Leeds and Chicago were the festival’s top five most influential cities and the top ten most influential tweeters worldwide were as follows:

  1. @bigdataweek
  2. @media140carat
  3. @datastudies
  4. @catalunyadades
  5. @SomosQuiero
  6. @Leedsdatathing
  7. @lesanto
  8. @itnig
  9. @mgarrigap
  10. @LondataEvent

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