February 23, 2012 - Comments Off on Insight on Insight

Insight on Insight

A key component of any agency is the insight we can provide our clients. Bloom has a unique department that provides its own blend of analysis, meeting our clients’ increasing needs.

The Bloom insight team has three main functions:

  • to Design
  • to Support
  • to Research

The Insight team designs technical solutions which help our clients solve problems. Most of the time that involves helping clients with the technical know-how required to realise their vision for an eCommerce or lead generation website. Most of the time, our work goes deeper than specifying the architecture of a new web project; the Insight team is actively involved in helping our clients measure their success and plan for the future.

The team is a mixture of scientists, from Physicists to Mathematicians. We all share the same vision: to help our clients understand what their numbers tell them about their marketing activities. Understanding your data is vital in today’s “big-data” market place and the insight team apply innovative techniques to help spot patterns and identify trends.

Alongside the work we do to support our clients, we are actively involved in cutting-edge research. In collaboration with leading UK universities, the Insight team is constantly seeking out new methods to help us help our clients get a competitive edge. It’s a demanding yet innovative area, where we are always seeking to push boundaries – or even come up with something new!

We’re currently looking for another talented individual to join us to help with the work we do for clients. We’re after someone who can write lean PHP code and can work with very large MySQL databases in a Linux environment.

The role won’t be easy or predictable; quite often the things we want to do aren’t obvious so, as a team, we work out the best way to tackle the problem. It’s a given that everyone in the Insight team is an expert in problem solving in their specialist area. The role is also guaranteed to offer a sense of adventure as we head off on a journey of digital discovery.

For more information on the role please click here.