September 01, 2012 - Comments Off on Introducing Fay Nyberg, Copywriter Extraordinaire!

Introducing Fay Nyberg, Copywriter Extraordinaire!

Blogging can be a bit of a pressured affair when you write for a living, which is why I’m just a teency weency bit nervous about this, my Bloom blogging debut. Let me introduce myself, my name’s Fay and I’m the new Bloom wordsmith, editor, blog auditor, content strategist, or in far fewer and equally accurate words – copywriter.

I joined the Bloom team at the start of this month, which meant moving a short hop, skip, step and jump from my previous role with Leeds SEO agency Epiphany Search, where I worked as Senior Copywriter. During my time with Epiphany I was responsible for setting up, growing and managing their copywriting department.

Prior to entering the heady word of digital copywriting, I worked as a fashion and lifestyle journalist at online news agency Adfero and previous to that I worked in the TV magazine department at the Press Association. Since graduating with an MA in Magazine Journalism at Sheffield University, I’ve tried my hand at most kinds of writing and even PR and like to keep a toe in the water of all comms-related things. In short, I just really, really like words and talking to people.

So, why Bloom? Well, firstly I’m going to have to cite the old cliché of being in need of a ‘new challenge’ and secondly, I’d heard on the grapevine that Bloom was, well, Blooming. I was aware that the agency was going through a period of growth, but the thing that particularly appealed to me is that Bloom,  unlike many other organisations, works as a digital agency.  It doesn’t just focus on SEO or social media – it looks at the whole shebang. As a copywriter, it’s great to be able to look at a campaign from every angle, write for different purposes and to follow the journey of content from the ideas stage through to impact analysis. What also got me excited were the range of brands Bloom were working with – it’s not often you get the chance to work with a major entertainments firm  AND one of the biggest names in the foodie blogosphere (Lakeland).

If I’m honest, what really swung it for me was when over a drink Stu and Si assured me that the Bloom team would be understanding when it came to my intolerance of tapping and whistling. So far, in addition to putting up with this peculiar quirk of mine, the Bloomers have proven a very friendly and welcoming bunch, who have generously shared with me the ins and outs of what they do here at Bloom.

Oh, I almost forgot – I was told if I took the job here there would be cake. I like cake.