April 20, 2013 - Comments Off on LA shape up online with whole new site

LA shape up online with whole new site

We’re extremely excited to announce that the new website for LA fitness has just gone live. It provides the gym chain with a complete new member acquisition service online. The website integrates directly with the membership sign-up service which was designed and developed by Bloom and rolled out online and in club kiosks at the end of last year.

We implemented our complete user experience design process, getting both potential end customers and client stakeholders fully involved in early brainstorms to ensure that the new solution was both user-centered and grounded in the realities of lead generation.

This research provided a solid understanding of not just the different types of customer who use the gyms’ services, but also a real understanding of the brand, the perception customers had of it and the direction the business wanted to move in. What quickly became clear was that the site had 81 ‘home pages’ – the traditional home page as well as the club pages for each of the 80 locations. The club pages were very often the entry point for users searching on Google for a club in a location so these pages needed to be engaging as well as informative.

The visual design was also a step-change from the brands traditional design styling towards something more contemporary – the ‘flat’ styling and broadly monotone palette offset with full-screen imagery and functionality.