May 17, 2013 - Comments Off on Language fan Rich is drawn to Bloom by the challenge of change

Language fan Rich is drawn to Bloom by the challenge of change

Now then! I’m Rich, and I love words. I love biscuits too, but I think I love words more. Just. So you can imagine my delight when I joined Bloom in April to be their Content Manager, which gave me the chance to do what I loved – to work with words.

It was like my dream had come true, only in my dream I also had a constant and uninterrupted supply of bourbons and custard creams. Turns out that conveyor belt doesn’t exist in Bloom Towers, but I’ve discovered there’s always plenty of cake knocking about.

Essentially I write lots of copy for clients. Whether it’s a website in need of a fresh tone of voice, a blog that needs to grow its online presence or a magazine that requires more tailored content, I’m writing copy that ticks all the boxes.

I actually enjoyed the seminars about grammar, syntax and stylistic analysis when I studied for my English Language degree at Huddersfield University, so apart from being just a little bit weird I’m privileged to say I get to put into practice at work what I learnt at university.

I loved my time at Huddersfield so much that, just before I graduated, I ran in the student elections and got voted in as the communications officer. It came as a relief because I had almost reached the end of my time there and I still hadn’t worked out what career I wanted to pursue.

My year at the Students’ Union really gave me a thirst for writing. One of my main tasks included producing the student paper, which was great – but a massive stress at the same time. Thankfully the editor’s room was directly above the student bar, which offered some comfort on those rare occasions when I had to pull all-nighters to meet strict print deadlines.

I have to admit, the agency environment is a new one to me after I had previously worked in the public sector. Following my year at the Students’ Union I spent three years working in an extremely busy PR team for a social housing organisation, writing press releases and handling media enquiries.

An opportunity to progress into a new role arose when the company decided to spread its social media wings. The corporate website had become far from functional, so I wrote content for a snazzy new one. Launching new social media channels and a new website isn’t something you just do without any planning, so I attended many digital seminars and networking events to learn how other people were embracing this change.

And ultimately it was this emphasis on change that brought me to Bloom. Things are changing all the time. The world of digital marketing continues to evolve. Rather than standing and admiring this change, the people here are getting right to the core and looking at what’s driving it. And for people like me, that insight means a chance to be really innovative and creative! It’s all very exciting.

As Content Manager I enjoy injecting new tones of voice and fresh appeal into articles that are ultra-customer focused. I get to try new things – even break a few rules and push grammatical boundaries – which is crucial, as language doesn’t stand still either (social media and the blogging boom have certainly introduced new words and writing styles into our lives).

I’m only into my third week here and I’ve already lost my tag as the newbie now that two more people have joined! Things are always progressing at Bloom – and it’s great to be a part of it.